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Back To Black

1960s eye flicks addict Lauren Oakey lived and breathed Babydoll black. Now it’s gone, whatever will replace it? The thing…

Beautyblender Giveaway

The pleasingly egg-shaped Beauty Blender is an icon of the beauty world and gives smooth, flawless base with no streaks…

Ink Again

Eyeliner lover Lauren Oakey went and got it tattooed on. She explain's what in God's name she was thinking.

Secrets of a Wedding Makeup Artist

Lauren Oakey on the big day products she’d marry if she could

Surface Tension

Lauren Oakey learns what to do in a dermergency

Pod Almighty

After a lifetime of hair woes, L’Oréal Professionnel’s new gadget has convinced Lauren Oakey to join Team Steam

Future Masters

Lauren Oakey gets the lowdown on our favourite rising make-up stars

Tan on Trial

The sheet-white Lauren Oakey tested a heap of wash off tans, so you don’t have to