Advent Calendar Day 14

Charlotte Tilbury The Book Of Magic

Tilbury OpenOnce upon a time, not so long ago, there was a woman who longed for just one thing. All she wished for was a beauty advent calendar, and without it, she could not be truly happy. She knew she was very lucky, and already had a great many lovely things, but she needed a calendar, you see, and without it, all of life was in black and white.

On Christmas Eve, the woman was just wrapping up the last few presents to put under the tree, when she heard a tinkling of bells. In the doorway, a glamourpuss with waist-length red hair and killer kohl was stood, holding a wonderfully wrapped parcel.
“Cheer up, darling,” she said with a wink, “I am your fairy godmother. Have a look at this, it’s The Book Of Magic. Twelve little doors, and behind each is one of my beauty secrets. There are lipsticks, a Rock ‘n Kohl Eyeliner, and even my brand new Magic Night Cream. Open a door every day, and it will see you through to Twelfth Night, when the wise men come. And if you are lucky, one of them might be Idris Elba.”

At once, the woman began to smile, and the fairy lights shone brighter than before. She placed The Book Of Magic under the Christmas tree, and lived happily ever after.

The End

Charlotte Tilbury The Book Of Magic, £150

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