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Sarah Chapman Skinesis Facialift



I must admit, when a friend of mine bought one of these a few years ago, I laughed like a drain. It looks so utterly peculiar, like something Esther Rantzen might wave about on That’s Life!, but in actual fact, it’s a really nifty bit of kit that may cause much hilarity after a port or two, but it’s not likely to be gathering dust under the sofa by New Year’s Eve.

Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis facials are heavenly, but with prices starting at £125 they are woefully out of reach to most of us, which is why she came up with this tool. It mimics the work her fingers would do, massaging away tension and aiding lymphatic drainage. To use it, you apply which ever skincare takes your fancy, hold the handle, with the knobbly wheels resting against your chin, and push gently. A couple of minutes a day is enough to make a noticeable difference to your jawline—any more, and you could end up a bit tender. Buy this for anyone who can often be observed hauling back their cheeks and gazing into a mirror pondering surgery.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Facialift, £25

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