Advent Calendar Day 6

In Case Of Emergency Gifts

You may be one of those peeps who have a gift-buying spreadsheet and had everything wrapped by the 1st December. In which case, good for you, but feel free to skip today’s advent calendar offering. This is the chaotic shopper’s in-case-of-emergency list. The following items you need to buy now and put in a box under the bed, so that whether your mate turns up for drinks with a previously unmentioned new beau or your weird Uncle Alan is suddenly an add-on to Christmas Day, you will have all bases covered. You may thank me in the new year, but please, not with a gift.

jo Malone




Jo Malone Christmas Ornament

On the last day of term, when you see your kid’s classmates arriving in the playground with loving wrapped and probably homemade gifts and realise you’ve forgotten that teacher gifts are A Thing, this is what you want to have hanging around in the present drawer. Rock up with this in the playground at 3pm and blow those handpainted mugs and homemade cards out of the water.

Jo Malone Christmas Ornament, £24



bath salts

The Bath House Gin and Tonic Bath Salts

Someone at work will unexpectedly give you a present. I can’t tell you why they they have chosen this to be the year you make it on to their list, but I am quite certain it will happen. Tuck this dreamily packaged drum of gin and tonic scented bath salts into your desk drawer and think about how smug you’ll feel when you can hand it over in immediate exchange, instead of going red and rushing to the corner shop for a dented selection box.

The Bath House Gin and Tonic Bath Salts, £10







Cowshed Bullocks Cracker

I find unfamiliar men terribly hard to buy for at the best of times, never mind when they appear at the door bearing Quality Street three days before Christmas. This cracker from Cowshed’s manly Bullocks range has the benefit of being non-age-specific, so whether your unexpected guest is the neighbour you never speak to, or the kids’ too-cool-for-school guitar teacher, you’ve got all angles covered.

Bullocks by Cowshed Cracker, £10







Topshop Lipstick Bauble, £5

No teen worth her Jack Wills hoodie will turn her nose up at a Topshop lipstick (and nor should she, their formulation is second to none). Since teenage girls move in packs, and seem to multiply at random, it makes sense to have a spare something shiny on standby, in case a new BFF should materialise and want to join you for mince pies and midnight mass.

Topshop Lipstick Bauble, £5

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