Nat Nails It: Nails Inc Gel Nails

Nat Nails Inc Gels

Our nail columnist goes in pursuit of the shiniest manicure known to womankind


I love me a shiny nail. I also love a matte nail, let’s face it – but there is something ever so satisfying about a glossy lacquer, a lovely, lustrous lake on your nails, reflecting the light and setting off your rings.


I watch in envy as women around me display the unrivalled plumped-up shine on their Gelish and Shellac gel manicures. But I like to change up my nails too often to be able to stick to two weeks of one shade. I like choices, I like acting on a whim. And with my bumper bag of nail polishes winking at me from my dressing table, I often can’t resist changing the shade on my fingertips three, maybe four times a week. Sound familiar? Well, if you’re anything like me you are in luck, babygirl.


Nails Inc, the excellent home-grown brand constantly shaking things up in the world of manicures, have just launched their new Gel Effect Polish collection – four beautiful shades that use ‘plasticizer technology’ to create an incredible Shellac-style gloss finish, with a plumping effect to boot. And the best part is, you just paint them on and remove them in the normal way. Gel Effect is from Nails Inc’s brilliant ‘effects’ series – a collection of great polishes to create edgy, high fashion looks – the ‘Beaded Effect’ polish in ‘Embankment’ is also fantastic. Buy it! I implore you. All come in at about a tenner a pop – just right if like me, you like to spend your money on little luxuries rather than massive purchases like posh handbags.


The range of colours in Gel Effect – a pillar box red, a chic taupe, a dark violet (pictured) and a deep, sexy mulberry – join the the existing Kensington Caviar Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat and work together to leave you with a pretty hardwearing, long lasting mani. The formula is thick – thicker than regular polish – but still easy to apply. The brush is nice and wide – something I find necessary for a streak-free finish (this is why I love OPI so much. Great brushes!) and I got great opacity in two coats.


Nails Inc aren’t claiming the polishes stay as chip free as a traditional gel manicure, but I’ve had mine on for four days and am yet to experience any tip-wear, shrinkage or chips – and I type A LOT. Frankly, I am kind of hoping they chip soon. But only so I have an excuse to try out the next gorgeous, glossy shade.


Any questions? Shout below.


Nails Inc Gel Effect Colour, £12.60


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