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Ciaté’s DIY luxe manicure sets are pure nail porn.


Ciaté have pushed the at-home manicure kit trend to a whole new, slightly bonkers level in the past year, with their show-stopping Caviar Nails and Colour Foil sets causing instant sell-outs and fashion pack waiting lists. Nothing like it had ever been done before, and still, the amazing ideas just keep on coming.


They’ve just added a new, limited edition pastel Spring Sugar collection to add to the Caviar Nails family but even more excitingly, this month saw the launch of Chalkboard Manicure kits, a fun, imaginative trend that I couldn’t wait to make all mine.


In the name of advising you guys on what’s the best new stuff you should be gracing your digits with, I road-tested both kits and LOVED THEM.


The Chalkboard Manicure (£25, exclusively at Selfridges) is a kit comprising a matte black ‘chalkboard’ polish (which I really loved on its own too), that you paint in two coats before getting creative with the coloured liquid chalk pens. You can doodle to your heart’s content, a bit like vandalising a kid’s broken arm cast at school – and if you make a mistake or don’t like the way something looks, you simply wipe it off with a wet cotton bud. When you’re happy, you seal your designs with the Ciaté Mattnificent Top Coat.


Chalkboard set


I loved that the kit came with a little booklet of design ideas, so I didn’t get stumped for things to scrawl onto my nails. Even the most art-phobic types will find these a fun addition to their nail polish arsenal.


Now, I don’t like picking favourites, but the other kit has really set my nail-loins (I’m allowed to make words up! Just go with it) a-blazing. The Spring Sugar Caviar Manicure (£18, online at Ciaté kits come in 3 candy shades – Tutti Frutti, Lemon Fizz and Cotton Candy. The latter is a pastel blue nail polish and a pot of blue, pink and silver micro pearls that you pour over your wet polish, before patting them down and then spending hours admiring your handiwork and Instagramming them endlessly (hypothetically).


ciate and pearl bottle


This kit really does enable you to create a luxe, 3D mani that looks really impressive, and it genuinely only took me half an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (sorry, not sorry) to do both hands.


I’m really impressed with these kits. I was a little sceptical that the caviar mani would survive without all the little pearls dropping off, but I’ve showered, bathed, washed up, put a load of washing on and shagged and they’re STILL ALL ON!

Chalkboard Packshot Open LR


These kits make an awesome present. For yourself, of course. Seen any other nail trends you want me to test on your behalf? Comment away, beauties!


Natalie’s on Twitter: @Natalie_KateM


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