Nat Nails It: Marchesa for Revlon

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Ever wanted super swaggy nails that you can do even when whizzed on codeine after a tooth extraction? Look no further.


As I type this, I am admiring my nails in a way that I haven’t since I was about 17. Back then, I’d used one of those tiny little nail drills and pierced my index fingernail, attaching a dangly ladybird ‘nail piercing’ through the hole and revelling in the jingle jangle every time I moved my hands. I loved the jewel hanging off my hand, even though in hindsight (isn’t hindsight a wonderful, wonderful thing?) it was a terrible sartorial decision. But whatever! I was 17, and the idea of having jewels on my nails was exciting and new after assuming that all there was out there for nails was Barry M Nail Paint (although excellent, and still a go-to brand of choice at a low price point).


I still love to bring a little razzle dazzle to my nails, and luckily for me there are now luxe, grown-up options easily to hand. Enter Revlon – they’ve launched a mega swanky range of 3D Nail Art Jewel Appliques with fashion house Marchesa that take all the hassle out of having some seriously high impact nails. Of course, I had to try them out just to make sure they weren’t poisoned. I’m so selfless! Anything for you guys.


The range comprises of 6 sets of nail wraps inspired by Marchesa’s gorgeous evening wear. Each set contains the bejewelled appliques (nail stickers to you and me), a double sided emery board and a cuticle stick. All you have to do is choose the design you want to wow everyone with, pick the right sizes for each nail and then carefully line them up onto your nail. Some of the designs need to be straight for the pattern to be best displayed, others don’t matter so much – either way, it’s not hard.


Use the cuticle stick to gently rub down and stick the wrap onto your (clean and dry) nail so that no air bubbles are visible and the wraps are smoothly stuck down. Then simply fold the flappy edge of the wrap over the edge of the nail and use the emery board to file it off.


You’ll need to go back a couple of times and neaten up, but the whole process doesn’t take too long – I had my tooth extracted this afternoon and I am dribbling blood while on a ton of painkillers and even I managed to do a sterling job in just over one episode of Drop Dead Diva.


I’ve gone for ‘Evening Garnet’, a pale pink, nude base intricately detailed with jewels in rich tones of red and pink. The finished product is beautiful – and for only £8.99 you won’t find a more luxurious, long-lasting manicure. Two big, shiny, jewel encrusted thumbs up from me.


Revlon by Marchesa 3D Jewel Appliques, £8.99


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