Nat Nails It: Rehab Edition

Dior Nail Glow

Stained, yellowing fingers from too much polish? Our nail columnist avoids cold turkey with a genius product from Dior


As you may have guessed, my nails are always painted. They’re an extension of me, a part of myself that I consider as much as the shoes I wear or how I do my hair in the morning. The ten little opportunities to jazz up my outfit, sitting pretty on my keyboard, making me smile. YES, my nails make me smile. I am sorry. But if they didn’t, I wouldn’t be the nail columnist! We all have our kinks.




Sometimes, though, my nails cry out for a little break. Following week after week of colour swaps, they get stained and gain that gross yellow tinge. I know I need to lay off for a bit but sadly, I can’t get past having bare nails. My digits haven’t been naked for more than 24 hours since I was at school, and only then because we weren’t allowed to paint them. DICTATORS! Bare nails make my fingers look like fat and pallid, like sausages cooked in a microwave. They’re uninteresting and plain. They just aren’t me. If bare nails are your thing, then crack on, all power to you. You do you, and I’ll do me. And I’ll do my nails.


After taking off a dark polish last week I saw the dreaded tinge. I felt bad for my nails, I felt they needed time to recuperate before I slapped on another bright polish. That’s when I spotted this little baby in my ‘untrieds’ pile. Yes, there’s a pile. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.


This is Dior Nail Glow. Let’s just spend a minute or two looking at it. Isn’t it beautiful? Dior’s packaging is once again 100% on point. The silver lid. The clean lines. The thick, fat brush. The intriguing translucent pink glow within.


It’s posited as a natural nail enhancer. You apply it on to bare nails to enrich the colour of your natural nails, with the pinks of the nail bed becoming pinker and the whites at the tip becoming whiter for a shining finish and healthy-glow effect. I’m practically allergic to the dreaded French manicure, but I didn’t let the ‘instant French manicure’ tagline put me off – and I’m really glad I didn’t.


With one coat, my little sausage fingers looked longer, more elegant. They looked chic. The polish did exactly as it promised – it made the nail beds look rosy and healthy and the tips whiter – the yellow tinge completely eradicated. I kept this on – without my trademark bright polish on the top – for three days. THREE DAYS!! I barely knew myself.


If you like a natural looking nail, or perhaps aren’t allowed to wear brighter polish to work, then this beautiful little bottle is going to keep you more than happy. Or if, like me, you are a nail chameleon and fancy a little detox, give this halfway measure a go. You won’t be disappointed.


Dior Nail Glow, £18, Selfridges

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