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It’s Movember, and Edan Haddock is taking his first foray into face furniture


I’m a Movember virgin.


I’d never really paid much thought to mens’ health until last year. I found out my mother had cancer and naturally it got me thinking about my father’s health. While it felt natural to talk about mammograms or regular smear tests with my Mum, who we lost earlier this year, I still find it difficult to discuss the male equivalents with my Father. There’s still a stigma and an element of embarrassment. I could never picture asking my Dad if he’d recently had a prostate exam. But why not? Why are we so behind in promoting awareness of mens’ health issues? Likewise, I lost my uncle to suicide, and again, I feel it was difficult for him to speak out about his struggle or ask for help.


Movember is a great cause. It brings these issues to light and starts men ‘talking’. I only started three days ago and already I get a feeling of true male bonding. I look at the other Mos online and it feels as if us guys are all pulling together to support a great cause. And I’m part of the clan. I’m a Mo-Bro.


I’ve rarely gone a day in my life without shaving. My skin is extremely sensitive and I constantly battle shaving rash. But even so, I don’t feel like myself unless I am completely smooth. I don’t know how it feels to have facial hair. Will I feel more masculine? Will I feel more sexy? Will I lose that sense of identity without my boyish, hair-free face?


Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 20.04.39I like the idea of being creative with facial hair and can’t wait to have grown enough to be able to experiment with different styles. I’m very keen to try the Leather Man look (naturally), but I also have an embarrassing desire to try out my high school Maths teacher’s ‘tache. A real Ned Flanders soup strainer. Then, of course, there’s the Salvador Dali. I may not leave the house with it, but I have to try out the Dali!


So I sit here on Day 4 with what can only be described as a slight prickle on my top lip. Surprisingly there’s a glint of Ginger in the colour of my facial hair, which has really shocked me. Who knows what other surprises are in store? It’s only a few days in and I’ve already raised more than $1000 (AUD). Im really excited to see where this journey takes me. I will be back to let you know in a couple of weeks.


Happy Movember!


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