Sponsored Post and Giveaway: Sanctuary Wet Skin Moisture Miracle

My relationship with body moisturiser is not like everyone else’s. While I baste myself like a turkey after every shower, I know the majority of regular skinned women actively avoid daily body moisturising. You tell me it’s too much faff to do all that rubbing, that you don’t have time, you want to get dressed straight away, without having to wait for creams to sink in and the grease to subside. I’m told the warm weather makes your skin feel sticky under heavy moisturisers, that your daily beauty regime simply cannot accommodate yet another step. For all of these gripes, as much as for parched skin, I prescribe this: the world easiest, quickest, least hassle body lotion, that adds zero time to your day but heaps of moisture to your limbs. The gamechanger is in the application. Wet Skin Moisture Miracle goes on soaking wet skin just before you leave the shower, after you’ve turned off the water. With your skin still wet, just squeeze a dollop into your palm and briskly sweep wherever you’d like to moisturise. The water on your skin allows the product to glide extremely quickly across it (I mean really, we are talking seconds), saturating it evenly in light, fragrant, ungreasy lotion and trapping in moisture. Then just pat as normal with a towel and you can get dressed as soon as you like. No sticky, sweaty, greasy or gloopy. Just lasting all-day moisture and a lingering, unobtrusive scent (you know how fussy I am about smell. This is neither saccharine sweet nor bracingly sporty. It’s very subtle and blends politely into the background, allowing your perfume to run the show).

Personally, I find Wet Skin Moisture Miracle especially good when I’m using temporary leg makeup, where an undercoat of traditional body cream causes streaking and peeling, and to extend the life of a gradual tan – I’m currently using the St Tropez tinted one, and while I need some extra moisture on my super-dry skin, I don’t want to dilute the tanning agent with a regular body cream, so I use this instead. And while for me and for my fellow sufferers of extreme skin dryness, this in-shower moisturiser is a great additional layer of cushiony moisture under something less exciting and more heavy duty, for most women – and men – Wet Skin Moisture Miracle would easily be plenty on its own – enough to comfort any tightness, even out minor differences in tone, and give a lovely sheen to shins and shoulders.

If you fancy being in with a chance of winning one of 50 Sanctuary Wet Skin Moisture Miracle, leave a comment on the thread on the forum by Weds 26th July 2017. Winners will be chosen at random and this competition is available to UK residents only. Please check your PM box after the closing date, so you can send us your address. Good luck!

Wet Skin Moisture Miracle is £8, but for a limited period, available at the special price of £5, here:

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