In Memoriam: Impulse O2


Lauren Oakey remembers the real smell of teen spirit


My ill-fated decision to join the school hockey team, on the understanding that I’d never have to do swimming again, is brought cruelly to mind every time I smell Impulse O2. The sickeningly sweet body spray that made you smell like you’d been pelted with 100 halved limes and then set alight, was a constant presence in our changing rooms, mixing really horribly with the teenage sweat and mud-caked trainers that hung around in Tesco carrier bags between wears. O2 had the unfortunate quality of being super long-lasting, and hung around long after you’d pretended to shower and were sitting in double maths wondering if it would hurt much if you threw yourself out of the window. I can forgive O2 for one thing though, and that was its unique ability to disguise the smell of a cheeky Lambert for you and up to four others on the walk home from the school bus stop. 

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  • Katie Faulkner

    Oh dear. I relate to this so much. Once it was combined with the Lynx fumes it was wonder we didn’t all go off our heads.

  • Beklet

    I fucking loved O2, so much nicer than the floral ones and yet still sickeningly sweet.

  • Emma

    Yes- perfect for disguising that just-nipped-for-a-sneaky-fag smell, although in my case it was in the ward bathroom when I was training to be a nurse.

  • Vicki

    I loved this. Reminds me of listening to Mansun non stop and getting my tits felt up for the first time. Magical.

    • Charlotte Evans-Wilson

      So weird, I googled this fragrance as ot reminded me of queuing to see Mansun outside Chester Northgate Arena!

  • Ruby Scarlett

    This was my Impulse of choice too, ahhh

  • Rooty Tooty

    I was too old for Impulse I think. It was Anais Anais that all the smokers reeked of in my day. And Gold Spot breath freshener. I was on the school hockey team as well Lauren, as were all the hardened smokers and most of the punks. Anything but netball.

  • Mac Marsha

    I loved this and was also on the hockey team. We’d need larger sample to be statistically robust but I think you have stumbled onto something here!

  • Lara Thompson

    Brilliant 🙂

  • CaityB

    Yep, Impulse is the smell of school changing rooms.

  • Viola Levy

    Aw! Impulse 02 was the first beauty product I ever bought for myself aged 11!

  • Louisa

    Impulse O2 was what we’d pass around changing rooms/discos/cheeky fag breaks. Definitely the smell of my early teens.

  • HappyHannah

    Are you me, Lauren Oakey?

  • CJ

    I brought impulse tease and it reminds me of O2. Loved this

  • Taffhamster

    Loved this way beyond my teen years! Stocked up on as many cans as I could find when I realised it had been discontinued!

  • Jodie Letley

    Have just bought a packet of zingy wet ones and it’s taken me all the way back to the 90’s to my O2 body spray obsession days : )

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