It Takes Two
Sali Lancome

All a clean face needs: A great serum and the right moisturiser for you.
Sali Hughes rediscovers Lancôme’s skincare dream teams.


If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that good skin gives us confidence. I see it every single week of my life, in emails from women who’ve finally treated their acne into submission, who’ve restored a glow they thought had long since departed, who’ve soothed sensitive skin into a calmer, happier place. The effect on their self-esteem is immeasurable, if in no way surprising to me. The knowledge that our faces are looking as bright, healthy and awake as they can, can be extremely bolstering – it’s often true that a really good skin morning is the start of a pretty good day overall. How to achieve that is by far the most common question I’m asked at events, and I always answer that proper skincare is imperative. I don’t think we need reminding of how important I believe fastidious cleansing to be, but when the decks are clear of makeup and grime, it’s time to really get down to business with a treatment serum and moisturiser.

salilan4I was an early adopter of Lancome Génifique serum. A quick google search reveals that early as 2010, I was tweeting somewhat relentlessly about its powers, telling my personal friends to go and buy it. Why? Because it’s one of those serums that, to me, represents a no brainer. It doesn’t make you pick a team. In one fell swoop it treats everything the average woman wants to tackle – dullness, fine lines, lack of firmness, loss of hydration, uneven tone – and visibly helps. That visibility is essential to me, because serum can still be a tricky idea for women to get behind – as much as I’ve always said it’s absolutely crucial to a good routine. Many of us have neither the time, money nor the patience to invest in skincare that may or may not yield results in a few months’ time. What I love about Génifique is that I can feel and see a difference almost immediately. It just makes my skin look better, feel smoother. The many friends to whom I’ve recommended it agree. Day and night, use the self-loading dropper (which is pleasing in itself) to dispense the right serum dose onto your fingertips, then massage upwards – gently but firmly (don’t be mimsy about it) – into the neck, face and eye contour, and leave a few moments to sink in.

salilan2Next comes moisturiser. I always think that if serum is the medicine to fix ailments, moisturiser is the big, cosy blanket to comfort and protect. Personally, I always favour a day cream rich in hyaluronic acid – my skin is dehydrated and is transformed by this, my favourite ingredient. Its ability to retain water in the skin makes for a more plump, hydrated and perky looking complexion. Lancôme Hydra Zen Neurocalm for Dry Skin is so packed with the stuff that I can still feel the increased hydration when I’m ready to cleanse again at night. There are two other formulas for normal and oilier skins, all similarly rich in hyaluronates, if not in texture. All give great glow and a smooth, grippy surface for makeup application (both absolutely essential in any day cream, for me). To apply moisturiser, warm a little between fingertips, then smooth over the face from the centre outwards. For added glow, I like to drum my fingertips all over the surface a little to finish. It gives a perky flush to my face.

salilan1If you have more specific concerns, there are several other Lancôme moisturisers to choose from, all of which pair beautifully with Advanced Génifique. Visionnaire cream has the same hyaluronic acid I love, but with a more targeted anti-wrinkle agenda. Renergie is your go-to cream if you are particularly concerned with sagging or a general loss of firmness. Absolue Precious Cells is the gold standard of anti-ageing moisturisers and is especially good if you seek to restore radiance (the number one concern for women over 35, in my experience). There are SPF inclusive versions too. You may find, as I do, that you chop and change your day creams according to seasons and hormonal patterns.

salilan3Whichever Lancôme moisturiser you choose, the simple, and easy technique remains the same. And that’s essential – because as a single mum with an often ludicrous schedule, I understand completely that complex skincare routines just aren’t tenable. Which is why I rarely tell anyone they need more than a small handful of products – the best routine is the one you’ll actually follow, day after day. All that’s essential is cleanser to clean, serum and moisturiser to treat and protect. It’s what I do at home, and what I absolutely know gives great results.





*This is a very carefully selected sponsored post, in association with Lancôme. Our commitment to you will always remain: SHB will never endorse any product we don’t genuinely love. Not now, not ever.


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