Personal Growth: Update


Movember is over. Is our volunteer Edan Haddock now a caterpillar convert?


So, Movember has come to an end.


I had so many expectations of what it would mean to grow facial hair. And I was wrong in so many ways.


First off, I reckoned facial hair would grow quickly. In reality it took until Day 10 before the mo was even noticeable. Prior to this it was just some itchy stubble, a dark shadow on my top lip. I had a fantasy of cultivating a long lip-do that I could experiment with and style into different looks. But by Day 30, I was still just tending a hairy caterpillar below my nose.


1461701_10152077629384402_1879751616_nI’d also expected my tache to inspire some kind of cavemanny Alpha Male feeling, but this just didn’t materialise. I thought that growing a moustache would make me look older, and more sophisticated. The feedback from most people is that it made me look younger – like a teenage boy who hadn’t learned to shave.


I am a person that likes to feel clean. I’ve always been clean shaven and try to be as fresh-faced as possible. I don’t like to look untidy. Having a Mo made me feel rather seedy. It would get wet when I drank water (or wine!), a feeling I didn’t enjoy at all. And in business meetings, being a client facing a ‘suit’, I felt oddly unprofessional.


There were positives though. Primarily that I raised $2100 AUD for such a worthy cause.  Movember opened up a lot of dialogue around Mens’ Health. Every time someone commented on my moustache, it was a natural conversation starter. This, I think, was the success of my Movember. For people like myself, who folks don’t expect to see sporting a mo, the conversations started easily, enabling friends and colleagues to talk about issues that are often overlooked due to embarrassment. I had so much support on Social Media and had a large number of people following my daily photos on Facebook, and commenting on the progress of my tache. Again, it got people talking.


1454552_10152077629459402_335569773_nUltimately facial hair is not for me. With my sensitive skin and constant shaving rash, I like being smooth. As a 33-year-old, perhaps it was unusual not to have tried this before, and I’m really glad I have – even if I now know that the tache will never be a permanent fixture for me. That said, Movember is such a fantastic cause that I’ll endure another uncomfortable month of seedy facial hair for Movember 2014. It’s my duty as a Mo-Bro.

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