Really, clean?

Want to know how to properly remove slap? Bitch, please, says Tory Frost. Just ask a drag queen.

Gentlemen, start your engines, RuPaul’s Drag Race is back. Season 8 is a total return to form and, while Instagram obsesses over Kimchi’s contour, and YouTube wangs on about cutting a crease, I’ve spent seven years trying to find out how these ladies sashay all that make-up away, because their boyish civvy skin remais sickeningly good.

How does booze, baked base and Ben Nye Banana Powder, night after night, not leave a bitch broken out to filth? As a spot-prone biological woman I gag with jealousy every time a see glowing out-of-drag Instagram post, so I scoured the internet for trade secrets.

Bianca Del Rio

Bianca del RioBehind the liner, Bianca is 40-year-old boy Roy and his face radiates youth and poreless perfection. His removal method is coconut oil and I can see how after ten hours of clown realness you’d take the gentle approach to easing it all off. Bianca then exfoliates with The Magic Pads. While her Instagram posts about them don’t seem to be #ads, Del Rio does admit the creator is his mate. I’d be pretty surprised if these don’t work. 2% Glycolic, 2% Salicylic, plus aloe, vitamin E and hyaluronic sounds like a nice gentle, entry-level acid, all for £13.95.


Courtney ActCourtney Act

Courtney Act is possibly the fishiest queen we’ve seen, helped by that super-plump baby skin. Boy Shane told Facebook fans he also uses coconut oil, followed by ‘Acure products to cleanse and moisturise,’ recommended by fellow vegan Michelle Visage. He endorses their Oil Control Moisturiser for break out sufferers. There’s also a whole (probably paid for) video on his YouTube series about exfoliating with the Spin Facial Brush.



Michelle Visage

Michelle Visage

All this exfoliating must be awesome for avoid shaving bumps, but someone who doesn’t need to worry about chin-growers is bio-queen Michelle Visage (who replied to my pleading tweet in minutes – life goal, unlocked). The Anglophile’s answer? Boots Traditional Skin Care Cold Cream (plus Neutrogena wipes and Amore Pacific skincare). No doubt she’ll stock up when the sold out European RuPaul Battle Of The Seasons tour comes through the UK this week – no I didn’t get tickets, thanks for your concern. I’ll settle for Pansy’s weekly Drag Race viewing party here in Berlin (read, the greatest fun I’ve had with my clothes on) and stalking this season’s new batch of queens on Instagram for all even more backstage skincare Tee.

Tory Frost

Tory is a freelance journalist who writes about most things for money and beauty for fun. Her favourite smells are Elnett and Oud.

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