The SHB Advent Calendar – Day 23

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Molton Brown Bathing Treasures Collection, £38


It is now too late for online gift buying and while you may not feel like braving the shops again (I am already in my onesie and unlikely to be out of it for a good week), Christmas does have a habit of throwing a few curveballs in the form of unexpected guests, last minute visits, the news that some aunt you haven’t seen for five years is actually coming to the party after all… This lovely set, containing 12 x 50ml bottles of Molton Brown’s much loved bath and shower gels, will get you out of any gift-giving jam. The huge selection means there’s something for everyone and every occasion, while the versatility – these gels can be poured into running water or used as a body wash – mean the recipient can be either a bath or shower lover and still not waste a drop. I use the eucalyptus whenever I’m feeling shivery and bunged up, Suma Ginseng when I’m knackered and need a kick up the arse to get me ready and out of the door. All the men I know have loved Black Peppercorn, and no one can fail to like the zingy scent of Orange & Bergamot. This set makes a great gift for a couple, a nan, a teen – you name anyone, they’ll love it. And the beautiful, jewel coloured bottles are so pretty, the whole thing has huge wow factor. It’s available in John Lewis, large Boots and Molton Brown boutiques. Nip out now and you’ll feel really worthy of your mince pies and Bailey’s when home.


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