The SHB Advent Calendar – Day Fifteen

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Poppy King Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipsticks, £35


I am a big believer in gifting someone a single lipstick at Christmas. There’s just something so decadent, so luxurious and fabulous, about handing someone a tiny little stick of utterly perfect lip colour. Red is the obvious choice, of course, since it’s so festive, looks so glamorous, is eminently wearable and not at all fashion-dependent. For years now, I’ve been suggesting Chanel and Tom Ford as the ultimate lipstick gift but while I still adore both and always will, a new lipstick came along this year and stole my heart. Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope collection is made up of arguably the loveliest make-up objects I have ever seen in my life. Six heavy gold lipstick tubes based on the Art Deco skyscrapers of New York City, that stand on the table without wobbling, slide open with ease, then automatically swivel into the home position to close again thanks to a strong magnet in exactly the right place. This is packaging perfection alright, but the real event is inside. For the lipstick itself, Poppy King rose to the challenge of creating a vintage matte finish without the old fashioned lip drying aftereffect. Apricot oil keeps things feeling supple, vitamin E conditions like a good balm, peppermint oil freshens breath and restores some perkiness to an all-night partygoer. And throughout all this backstage crew activity, the star of the show – rich, sexy, lavish creme colour – remains centre stage. For hours and hours without reapplication. Buy one for any woman who really appreciates good make-up. She’ll know exactly how much effort you’ve made.


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