The SHB Advent Calendar – Day Four

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Carmex Limited Edition Crusaders Lipbalm, £3.99


It’s hard to think of interesting ways to reinvent the wheel, which is why limited editions of iconic beauty products can be so hit or miss. Carmex, in my opinion, has nailed it with Carmex Crusaders lip balm. What they’ve done is stayed on brand, adapting their iconic 50s-style Americana packaging with kitsch retro-comic strip styling. The resulting tin makes the same old mundane, reliable, hard working balm hugely covetable for Christmas. They haven’t taken the mick with the pricing either. The Crusaders edition is still as bargainous as the original, but makes a simple stocking filler seem so much more luxe. Suitable for teens, boys, girls, mums, dads, sisters, brothers, mates, ME.

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