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Sali chooses her top ten beauty products from


You may think the most supermarkets have to offer in the way of beauty is own brand apple shampoo and extra large pumps of toothpaste, but to say things have stepped up a gear in recent years would be quite the understatement. Tesco have a huge range of hair, make-up and beauty brands in store and online, including luxe offerings from premium houses like Clarins, umpteen of our favourite niche brands, like Barry M, Sleek and Weleda, as well as exclusive brands such as the newly launched BD Trade Secrets (by the original British celebrity make-up artist, Barbara Daly) and top stylist Leo Bancroft’s haircare and styling range. asked us to browse their enormous beauty section and try anything we wanted before making our top ten picks…


1. BD Trade Secrets Velvet Cream Cheek Colour in Posey, £4.99

I’ve barely worn powder blusher in months, just because as I get older I often prefer the soft, healthy looking flush of a creme formulation. It’s ideal for autumn and winter, when cheeks are dryer and can look flaky in powder formulations. This shade is particularly flattering – it gives the prettiest, perkiest hit of youthful colour – and is very versatile. Wear with a little lipbalm and mascara on dress-down days, or over foundation and bronzer for evenings out. Just dab on with fingertips and blend into the apples of the cheeks. I prefer not to dust powder over the top and instead, allow the dewiness of the cheek to remain. It’s fresher looking.


2. Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion, £8.95

I am a firm believer that everyone gets better skin through proper cleansing. Not with face wash, and certainly not with wipes – but with a proper cleansing balm, oil, cream or milk, and a wrung-out wet flannel. This, by the wonderful Weleda, is an old favourite and ideal for the job. It’s incredibly gentle but as thorough as you need, it smells beautiful and leaves even the driest, most sensitive skins soft, clean and cosseted. Just massage into dry skin and buff off with the flannel.


3. BD Trade Secrets Lipstick in Pout, £5.99

I am all about the lipstick in Autumn. I am so completely over glosses and tints by end of summer that I positively crave proper colour. This is just a great, everyday nude-based pink that goes per-fectly with the cream cheek colour in Posey. It has an easy to wear satin finish, which catches the light softly but contains absolutely no shimmer, frost or glitter. It goes on comfily too, with enough moisture to stop lips drying out.


4. Maybelline Baby Lips Condition and Care, £2.90

Easily in my top ten launches of last year, this bargain balm has taken root in my make-up bag. Its super hydrating formula soothes and softens centrally heated, windswept autumn lips beautifully, but what I love most is it’s very slight sheen, as opposed to the shiny, jammy finish we see on so many cheaper balms. The stick applicator means it can be applied without any real attention, and the price is low enough to keep one in every handbag, kitchen drawer, bathroom cabinet…


5. Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Storm, £7.99

I am obsessed with autumn and all its gorgeous jumpers and fur coats, and proper perfume and smoky eyes, and what more can I ask for than this, a palette inspired by storms? Twelve dark, brooding, sexy shades in a silky, densely pigmented formulation that really does act like something three times more expensive. I know I quack on about this but seriously, Sleek is SO GOOD.


6. Leo Bancroft Hair Bungees in Brown (Blonde also available), £3.80 for five

I have never worked with a single session stylist who didn’t rely on hair bungees for creating per-fectly tight and smooth ponytails. Previously only available in salon supply stores and expensive beauty boutiques, these can now be picked up with your baby wipes and washing powder. Simply hook one end into the base of your pony, then wind the other around tightly, before hooking it into the hair. The result is sleeker, smarter and much kinder to dry autumn hair than snaggy elastic. These are also ESSENTIAL if you want a big, voluminous, textured pony that would normally get squished by being threaded through a normal hair elastic.


7. Eylure Volume 107 Lashes, £5

I never really bother with falsies during spring and summer, but there’s something brilliantly festive about dramatic lashes in wintertime. I will rarely attend a party or important dinner without them. I have always said Eylure make the best, and it’s still true. They aren’t too expensive, but are still great quality and durable – I can normally get a good five evenings out of one pair, as long as I still them back in their tray when home. Women often tell me they can’t put them on, but I almost al-ways find they’re not following the three golden rules: 1. Always cut them to fit your eye before you start. A lash that’s even the slightest bit too wide for your eye will peel off. 2. Always allow the glue to almost dry before attempted to place the lashes. It must be sticky and tacky, not wet and wob-bly. 3. Apply liner ten minutes later to cover any joins.


8. L’Oreal Laser Renew Serum, £16.66

People often ask me to recommend a great, multi purpose anti-ageing serum that tackles a bit of everything for an all-round good looking skin. I very often suggest this one. It tested well in independent clinical trials (always a good start), feels lovely and moist immediately upon application and just leaves skin looking in good nick – firmer, smoother, more moist and even, which is always what we’re after. A nice big hit of hyaluronic acid makes it ideal for autumn, when skin can get a whole lot thirstier.


9. Barry M Dazzle Dust in Chocolate, £4.59

My number one autumn make-up obsession: grown up glitter. Firstly, every luxury brand is doing glitter for winter. It’s all about burnished browns, deep purples, rich black tones and jewel greens, all shot through with sparkly gold, silver or copper. I cannot get enough. The easiest way to get the look is to apply nude creme eyeshadow – ivory, taupe, dark brown, buff – whatever suits your skin colour – over the lid, up to the socket, then when the shadow is still sticky, press some brown glitter like this one onto the middle of the made-up area, using a brush held vertically. I did this last week for a party, and also for a recent shoot in Grazia. It looks gorgeous, chic and sophisticated, and not at all girly and princessy.


10. Vaseline Spray & Go, £3.99

So many women say they can’t be bothered with body lotion, but the chances are that in this weather, they need it. Limbs become dry, flaky and chapped from all the swapping from centrally heated houses to blistering cold, and need a little TLC. This brilliant spray is a good compromise, and is also the only body lotion I can get my dry skinned seven-year-old son to use. After your shower, just spray liberally over the skin and stand for a few moments before dressing. That’s IT. Ingenious.


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