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The singer spills out her makeup bag. Debra Brock has a good rifle.

I’ve always been into nails, hair and make-up. I’m quite a girly girl in that way. I remember when my friends and I were about nine, we used to go to Boots and buy the press-on nails – the really, really long ones. It was so funny – it used to crack my Mum up. We couldn’t pick anything up!

010-base-uk-gentle-buffing-creamMy skin care regime now is really simple. I have some soap that’s shea butter based, and I get it from a market in Dalston – a man just makes it there and then. He also makes a shea butter cream. I use both of those in the morning – I think they cost less than £5 and they last ages. At night, I’ll use an oil that either my mum’s made, or one by Josie Maran, and I’ll put that on my face just to sleep in, or if I’m flying long haul. Every couple of weeks I’ll use a Caudalie exfoliator, £18. Caudalie was introduced to me by a make-up artist – they were using the hydrating cream on me and I just loved it.


Make-up wise, I like tinted moisturisers. Again, I love Josie Maran, and Body Shop too – they have an amazing make-up range. I really like a good bronzer as well, usually from Body Shop. I’m against animal testing, so wherever I can I use cruelty-free brands, and those two are my favourites. Both ranges have good shades, with options for all skin colours. I have brown skin, and when I was younger nothing I could find suited my skin tone at all. Now there are so many more.




For lipstick there’s a really great brand called Rituel de Fille – their lipsticks have so many different tones, and are on-trend as well.




I’ve used Kiss lashes, from £4.95, for a long time now, as a lot of the make-up artists I work with use them. So when they asked me to become an ambassador I was so happy – a lifetime supply of lashes! A win-win! My favourites would be Peony, which are very fluttery, natural and dreamy, Lily – so gorgeous, and Ritzy which are great for on-stage. Stage lighting can really wash out your features, so I amp it up. I’ll do a good lip and sometimes double up on lashes and use two pairs, to give more volume and really open up the eye.




Anastasia, from £15.50, are really great for brows, and also Kiss have a brow kit I love, £6.74. For mascara, I really like Two Faced, from £18.




I love Josie Maran’s Argan oil on my hair. I also use Oribe smoothing cream £46, and the Dry Shampoo, £39, which smells amazing – it would be such a good idea to release it in perfume form. Unite have a really great range of very hydrating products, especially the masks, which are a lovely once a week treatment.




Right now, I’m using the Gel Fantasy nails on in Whatev. They’re my favourites – they have loads of different styles and colours so you can change them out really easily. (A selection of Kiss nails is available in the UK from Boots).


I don’t wear perfume a lot, but I did find this one brand called Bungalow – I’m not exactly sure where I got it but I’ve been using it these last few months. It’s an oil, not a spray, and the scent is very light. It reminds me of Spring. It’s so fresh.


Leona Lewis is an ambassador for KISS products.


Debra Brock

Debra Brock is co-founder of and a contributing writer.

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