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Debra Brock shares her spring palette lust list.

Right now, builders are smashing my house to bits and most of my stuff is packed up and in storage. Except for the essentials: family photos, and five sets of Muji drawers, stuffed with my lipsticks and palettes. The builders are just going to have to work around those. Yes, all right, it’s really seven sets of drawers. And I lied about the photos. Of course, forcing yet more into those drawers would be madness. But the Spring palettes have sprung and it’s fine just to have a look. Right?


Smashbox Double Exposure Palette, £37 (shown above)

I loved Full Exposure and now Smashbox have created a new version for Spring ’15. The basic neutrals are still in there, but they’ve chucked in some more colourful shades for us to play with. You can use the shadows dry, or with a damp brush for more intensity or different finishes. And while we’re on the subject: bravo, Smashbox, for including a proper brush and not sneaking in a stupid mimsy foam applicator. Click, add to basket.


cgeClarins Garden Escape 6-Colour Eye Palette, £32

Sali keeps banging on about the new Instant Light Lip Balm Perfectors, so I tried them at my local counter. They’re lovely, and I bought one in Rosewood, though I did get sidetracked looking at the Garden Escape palette in a way which the sales assistant found a bit unsettling. Proper Spring pinks and greens. Oh, don’t be frightened by the greens, they’re nothing like the shadow I wore to my cousin’s wedding in 1979. We’ve so moved on from that green.



lmwcLaura Mercier Watercolour Mist Eye and Cheek Palette, £45

Just look at it though. Beautifully presented, nice colours for the lighter days ahead and a couple of cheek shades too. Just popping the lid is enough to induce a zen-like calm. And it’s Laura Mercier, so the quality will be excellent. I’m the one in Space NK just staring at it and being politely asked to leave at closing time.



lmfpLancome My French Palette, £42

Call me shallow, but I was sold by the lid. Woman in a pink dress, dog, Eiffel Tower. Tick, tick, tick. It gets better inside, with six pink-based neutrals and three lovely stronger accent shades. The darker shades even have their own little mirrored lid. This may have swayed me further. There’s a proper brush and an idiot-proof application guide on the Lancome website.  I’m typing in my credit card details as we speak.




yslnuYSL Couture Variation Palette, £49

A choice of two colour ways for these long, ten pan palettes. Nu is a selection of warm beiges, bronzes and browns for a natural look, Tuxedo features smoky greys and purples. Yum. Classy presentation and loads to play with – my biggest problem is which to choose. I love the little five pan Couture palettes (£39.50) that came out last year too, because apart from being great quality they, um, remind me of Tetris.




One I’m looking forward to… Sleek i-Quads

These palettes will have three shadows and a gel liner, and being Sleek should be very affordably priced. Sleek generally turn out fab quality for the high street, and I’m looking forward to trying them when they come out next month.


One that I won’t be buying…

Anything with ‘Fifty Shades’ in the name, thanks.

Debra Brock

Debra Brock is co-founder of salihughesbeauty.com and a contributing writer.

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