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Natalie Kate Meehan finds a new way to satisfy a home scent addiction


muji diffuser

Over Christmas, I spent an evening in front of the telly necking Baileys, eating Pringles, and circulating pissed-up Twitter polls asking whether it was acceptable for me to spend nigh-on three hundred quid on a scented candle.

What this should tell you about me is that not only do I know my way around a tube of Sour Cream and Chives, but I have a massive thing for anything scented that’s going to make my house smell like I have so much money that all our towels are from The White Company. I also enjoy the cosy hygge-ness of candles. Ain’t nobody want that harsh overhead lighting in the evening – thus my rationale that a massive candle with four wicks was in fact also necessary as a lighting choice.

Thing is, we’d just decided to book the venue for our wedding next spring, so the fact I was willing to drop so much cash on a candle was actually really irresponsible etc, etc, and I don’t know why I’m explaining myself to you LOOK I DIDN’T BUY IT, OK?

Anyway, from this you can gather that I love a scented candle, and it’s becoming an expensive habit.

At any one time I’ve probably got a couple of Diptyques and Jo Malones on the go, supplemented by cheaper picks I’ve vetted from elsewhere (Next ones are really good – they burn cleanly and kick out a decent amount of fragrance. Would recommend).

So imagine how piqued my interest was when a mate with the best taste ever – think totally minimal and chic and classy – was waxing lyrical about something she swore had changed her life in only the way a new household item that creates a completely dry fragrance mist can.

That’s right, peak piqued. Step forward the MUJI Aroma Diffuser.

Launched at the end of 2014 and having grown quite the cult following since, this nifty gadget uses ultrasonic waves to create a cool vapour out of a blend of water and a couple of drops of essential oils of your choice. You plug it in, pour in your favourite blend (I’m loving sandalwood and rosemary), press a button and that’s it – it does its ultrasonic magic and fills your home with super-luxe scents, for up to three hours at a go.

With ambient light settings, the diffuser doubles up as a reading light, so you can pretend you’re at a retreat and catch up on the huge list of books you promised yourself you’d read in 2016.

I love it.

It fills the room in a matter of seconds, there’s no danger of it over-heating (the unit stays completely cool throughout use), and at £45 for the standard size that you’ll use over and over again, the outlay is minimal.

This discovery certainly doesn’t mean the end of my candle habit. But with one inexpensive bottle of essential oils lasting forever in this thing, this is a homeware habit I’m happy to pick up alongside it.

Muji Aroma Diffuser, £45

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