Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl



The new hair gadget that costs a fortune but changes your life.

The Babyliss Big Hair, released two years ago, has completely changed the look of my hair. By drying my hair upside down with my Parlux dryer, then finishing off with the Big Hair (I like the small barrel on my fine hair, but the larger barrel is better for thick and long types), I find I can just about fake a proper salon blowdry without much bother. Frankly, the Big Hair was enough to put Babyliss in my good books forever (I’m even prepared to overlook their Root Boost styler, which made me look like Monica Geller in Barbados). But man alive, they’ve outdone themselves with their latest gadget, the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl.

When I saw the video for this curling appliance, I thought it couldn’t possibly work, but it does exactly what it promises. All you do is clamp it like a crimper near the roots of a slim section (about 3cm) of dry hair – too thick and it won’t work. Release the end of the section and the tool will swallow the hair vertically, twisting around an internal curling iron. Leave until you hear four quick beeps, then release. Out pops a perfect curl – not too tight but not loose beachy waves either. You can continue around the whole head, but I prefer to take a more random approach, keeping some straight with a few curls scattered about. It looks more natural and soft and saves time. I set the whole thing with Elnett, but even when the curls drop slightly as the day wears on, it still looks really cool. The Pro Perfect Curl is daft money, I’ll admit, but if you curl your hair a lot, it will change your life, just as the Big Hair did mine. Here’s the demo video. It’s as simple as it looks.

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, £177 including free delivery, out now, from or in-store and online for £169 at Sally Beauty Supplies.

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  • Well doesn’t this look good! Love my Babyliss Big Hair. This was on QVC earlier today for about £109 plus p&p but seems to have now disappeared so can’t post a link. I think this will be making its way into my goodie drawer (no, not that goodie drawer) soon…..

  • I must have this, it’s like an Orgasmatron for hair.

  • Renee Fromage

    I haven’t even tried BBH yet and now I want both. My hair is pretty big anyway but I like tools (!)

  • Pimlicat

    Sali – PLEASE could you do a vid of you using this on yourself? The demo makes it look oh so easy but I can’t yet afford a personal stylist and I’d like to know how hard it is to do on your own barnet, especially the back bits. TA!

  • I’m so getting this, looks super easy and if it can curl even my uncurlable hair I’d pay twice as much (although don’t mention that to the marketers).

  • Laura

    Hi Sali, I bought the Babyliss Big Hair for my mum at Christmas. I tried to find if there was a smaller barrel version but to no avail – I even tweeted Babyliss and they said there wasn’t. Is it a fitting available for the styler or a whole different version? Thanks! New site is fab, well done you. x

  • riona

    Gimme! I want it NOW!

  • Mo Jo

    Sali, thanks to your recommendation about BBH, I now have decent looking hair, and cannot thank you enough. Unfortuately the pro perfect curl isnt for me (I dont have enough hair), but will certainly let friends know that you rate it.

  • amanda heaney

    hmmmm, but sooooo expensive, Sali, your hair looks fab in this pic

  • Excellent, out of this world!

  • Roberta Lim

    I also have very fine (and very few hair). I am not sure if this would work….would it?
    I bought the BigHair (thanks Sali) and I like it very much. I paid a lot for it and now it only costs £36 on QVC. Maybe this curler will cost much less in one year time…

  • Beckster


  • ginderella

    I bought this from QVC while it was a TSV, without really knowing much about it, but I did know it was much cheaper than most other stockist. Eagerly awaiting its arrival.

    • lorraine

      ive tried to look for this on QVC. but cant find it. do you still have your item number for this. thanks lorraine

  • ms_p

    This is genius.

  • Velocity Girl

    Want this !

  • Wow. Thanks for the review. A video demonstration would be amazing please! X

  • Just out of curiosity, is this something that will available in the States? I’m in NYC and I’m really tempted to buy one, but of course our outlet plugs are different, which isn’t a big deal but I’d wait if it were to come here too!

  • My cousin has one of these – I watched her do all of her mates’ hair on Saturday. It’s ridiculously easy and looks amazing – I am having one!

  • Stephanie Flooks

    This is currently on Buyapowa for £145.

  • Antea

    Does anyone know how long it lasts? I mean, once I’ve got these beautiful curls…How long will I be having them? A couple of minutes? Of hours? Of days? of weeks?

  • Kat Woodruff

    Good job I have a bob at the moment, as with long hair I’d have definitely wanted this now! Curling my hair is the one thing I have never mastered. Maybe by the time I have longer hair again this will be a little more affordable.

  • Just showed the girls at work and they are SOLD!

  • Sinhae

    when will it come to US? I really wanna get this!

  • Sam

    I bought this on Sali’s recommendation (as I did with the Big Hair) and it is amazing. My fair is fine and just past shoulder length. I put some random curls in this morning on the lowest temperature and for the shortest period of time, didn’t even set it with hairspray and 12 hours later the curls haven’t dropped at all. I’ve had tonnes of compliments today and have recommended it to everyone.

  • Jodie

    it looks amazing! But both myself and my friends are worried about having a crazy hair stuck in it disaster! anyone who has it had any trouble with it tangling, or getting your hair trapped in it?!

  • Gg

    Why is there no mention of power? Will it work outside the UK?

    • salihughesbeauty

      We were provided with a UK unit for testing. We suggest you contact Babyliss Uk for details on power as we do not have technical specifications.

  • How much it selling at malaysia ?

  • queenesther

    I know this is late, but anyone that wants more information about the Babyliss Perfect Curl. I just did a review for people who need more information about the product.

  • Dev

    Hi..does anyone know where i can buy this product in australia?? Thanks..

  • Jenny-Jay

    Where can i buy this babyliss-pro-perfect-curl in South Africa

  • Jeannie

    Any one who can help me…. What is the difference between babyliss pro perfect curl and the Curlsmart?

  • Cherylann

    I purchased this item that cost 139.99 at Sally s on 12/21/13. I loved it. It curled my long hair for months and stopped working. I had bought the warranty agreement for $13.99. Returned item and was sent a different and cheaper model. Now manufacturer says its the same one I sent in. Should you have problems with yours take picture, because all their model numbers must be the same.

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