Caudalie Night Oils


Affordable, glow-giving facial oils with strictly no nasties. We are converted.


I always say that oils are the impatient girl’s best friend. While you have to keep the faith for several weeks waiting for serums and creams to have any effect, an oil will usually work instantly, or at least, make skin look nicer tomorrow than it did today. Massage a few drops of good facial oil into your face (post cleanse and serum) before bed, and you can usually expect to wake up with a smoother, plumper, softer and more glowy face. For that reason, and because I’m pretty fussy about the oils I’ll put on my skin, I readily agreed to try Caudalie’s new night oils. These are great quality – there’s absolutely no crap in here, in keeping with Caudalie’s philosophy (erm, I am paraphrasing, of course). No paraffin derivative carrier oils, no dyes, no preservatives, no silicone, no animal ingredients, no synthetics (this is the big one for me, since the reasonable price of these would make it tempting to forgo natural plant and essential oils, but they don’t) – these are what I’d call ‘proper’ high grade face oils, grouped into two specific formulas.


The first is Polyphenol C15 Overnight Detox Oil, £29. Now I am personally allergic to the word ‘detox’ so I chose to overlook it and get straight into the product. What we have here is a gorgeous blend of antioxidants and plant treatment oils, including Grape-seed (a lovely non-greasy skin softener), orange blossom plant (soothing, good on oily and problem skins), petitgrain, sweet almond (one of the great glow givers), sandalwood, musc rose), carrot (great on problem skin types) and calming lavender. It has a dry-oil consistency, so perfect for anyone unkeen on the texture of ‘oilier’ feeling oils. I applied it nightly for a week and thought it was terrific, if lighter than I personally favour – my skin felt soft, supple and glowy, but knew it would come into its own on a more problematic skin, so I sent it to my friend Rachel, currently suffering from little spots underneath her skin’s surface as well as some irritation. She has seen a visible improvement and become hooked. We both love that it feels somewhat astringent without being at all drying. It gives oily skin a metaphorical cuddle without grease.


Meanwhile, I was all over the other oil in the pairing, Vinosource Overnight Recovery, £26. And well, bingo. This, a blend of rosemary, rose, jojoba, sesame, palmarosa and Caudalie’s signature grapeseed, is absolutely wonderful if, like me, you are dry and dehydrated and positively love a rich, oily texture on the skin. I first used it four weeks ago, having worked a frankly ridiculous schedule for several months, in the hope it would restore some moisture and radiance to my knackered face. It really, really did. I initially applied 3-4 drops after serum at bedtime, but I was so pleased with the results (perky cheeks, smooth, bouncier skin) that I later started adding more (about eight drops) to a face mask for a weekly boost. It worked great and I have dipped in regularly ever since, sometimes adding a few drops to my night cream if I can’t face a full regime.


I may be off-message here, but what really hit me about these oils is how good the price is. They are both under £30 for 30ml and last ages (I’ve barely made a dent after several weeks’ enthusiastic use), making them cheaper than most of the facial oils I use, and yet I’ve found I’m now just as likely to pick up a Caudalie as I am an oil costing five times the price. Both these night oils deliver results that would still seriously impress me in a super-luxury product. They have more than secured a place alongside my favourites in the bathroom cabinet and I’ve been recommending them widely to friends – Polyphenol C15 to the oilies, Vinosource to the dries.


Caudalie Night Oils are available here:


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