Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30




Sali Hughes says bye bye BBs, you’ve been de-throned.

Regular readers will know that BB creams and I don’t get on. Last year I felt like the entire beauty industry metaphorically came out of the cinema declaring a film a masterpiece, while I stood on the pavement mumbling “WTF?” into my popcorn. It would now appear I just needed to wait for the sequel. I’m hesitant to say I love the new CC creams (that stands for Colour Correcting, by the way) as a genre, but I will say I really, really like this one, Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF30 (£28).


This excellent cream seems to iron out my chief gripes about BB creams on dry and dehydrated skins (dullness, flakiness, poor coverage and a flat, muddy colour) and replaces them with a lasting, moist texture and good, but still luminous, coverage. I can put this on in the morning straight over serum and know I’ll still be able to feel the moisture on my skin at bedtime. I can blend concealer over it without caking or flaking.


Most impressively, it covers the large patch of melasma on my forehead, which normally requires a proper foundation. It’s not at all greasy, the sun protection is broad spectrum and colour range is characteristically decent from Clinique (the number of companies flogging BB creams in one “suits-all” shade of builder’s tea is pretty shameful given their massive popularity). Dry and dehydrated skin sufferers: slather on and forget that whole disappointing BB business ever happened.


£28.00, available exclusively from John Lewis from April 5th,
then nationwide from the April 26th.


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