Cows Come Home


Sali had no idea one of her favourite smells came bottled and ready to take home. Do keep up, said Cowshed.


This week I visited the new Cowshed spa at the Beauty Workshop on the ground floor of Selfridges, Oxford Street. It opens this Saturday and it’s as reliably lovely as all Cowshed spas (they consistently do the best mani and pedis, in my opinion), but ANYWAY, that’s really not what this is about. While in the spa I mentioned that the distinctive ‘Cowshed smell’ (the smell of Babington House, basically, that fills all the treatment and changing rooms, waiting areas, bathrobes, towels and makes you never want to leave) is one of my favourite things. I said I wished I could replicate it at home. I was told that the ambient smell I was describing – fresh, herbal, wet, outdoorsy but soft and comforting – and that I’d always thought entirely unique to the spas, can actually be brought home via the Cowshed room diffusers, specifically Moody Cow (which really should be renamed ‘the Cowshed smell’ – it would sell by the hundredweight). So I got one. Twenty-four hours later, my house smells exactly like Babington (Heaven) and I love it. The diffuser is of excellent quality – the throw is far and wide and I’m told it should last for around 12 weeks. The tasteful glass jar looks gorgeous in my living room and as with all Cowshed products, the diffuser is all natural and free of nasty things. Get one for your mum for Mother’s Day. It’s about 500 quid cheaper than a room at Babington so you know, it’s practically paying you.



Cowshed Moody Cow Room Diffuser, £36

Babington House


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