Cows Come Home


Sali had no idea one of her favourite smells came bottled and ready to take home. Do keep up, said Cowshed.


This week I visited the new Cowshed spa at the Beauty Workshop on the ground floor of Selfridges, Oxford Street. It opens this Saturday and it’s as reliably lovely as all Cowshed spas (they consistently do the best mani and pedis, in my opinion), but ANYWAY, that’s really not what this is about. While in the spa I mentioned that the distinctive ‘Cowshed smell’ (the smell of Babington House, basically, that fills all the treatment and changing rooms, waiting areas, bathrobes, towels and makes you never want to leave) is one of my favourite things. I said I wished I could replicate it at home. I was told that the ambient smell I was describing – fresh, herbal, wet, outdoorsy but soft and comforting – and that I’d always thought entirely unique to the spas, can actually be brought home via the Cowshed room diffusers, specifically Moody Cow (which really should be renamed ‘the Cowshed smell’ – it would sell by the hundredweight). So I got one. Twenty-four hours later, my house smells exactly like Babington (Heaven) and I love it. The diffuser is of excellent quality – the throw is far and wide and I’m told it should last for around 12 weeks. The tasteful glass jar looks gorgeous in my living room and as with all Cowshed products, the diffuser is all natural and free of nasty things. Get one for your mum for Mother’s Day. It’s about 500 quid cheaper than a room at Babington so you know, it’s practically paying you.



Cowshed Moody Cow Room Diffuser, £36

Babington House


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  • Debra Brock

    *clicks, adds to basket* I love a diffuser. I was lucky enough to have been given a spendy Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia last year, and having opened it in September, it’s just on it’s last legs now. Also, if the dog knocks a diffuser over they just smell lovely, rather than burning the house down. (last comment is for Fi).

    • Fi Nightingale

      Yes, but what about when the sun coming through the window heats up the oil and it burns into flames, reducing your lovely home to a pile of ashes? WHAT ABOUT THAT, DEBRA?

      • Beklet

        That happened last month to The Wife’s wool coat!

  • Nic

    I’m a sucker for a room diffuser and I love anything spa smelling. I recently had an espa candle that did exactly what you describe above. This is going in the list.

  • Beklet

    That has gone straight in my shopping basket. Amazing 🙂

  • Alkistis

    The problem is that not only do I want the diffuser now, but also a stay at Babington House… :-/

  • Fi Nightingale

    I recently bought a diffuser without smelling it first, just going on the reviews. It is rank. Smells like I’m in a Ford Cortina in 1978, sitting next to my dad, who’s wearing too much Hai Karate.

    • wiiaholic

      That made me lol, my dad used to wear Hai Karate too – can you remember the awful advert? 😉

      • Fi Nightingale

        Haha. Yes. My dad got a bottle of that every Christmas that I can remember when I was small. Progressed to Brut when I got older. Lucky sod.

  • RuthK

    Moody cow is my favourite of all their scents – using the shower gel always perks me up in the mornings. Love the idea of having it as a diffuser scent too!

  • Ash

    It’s called Moody Cow?! Now that is priceless – and SO apt as a mother’s day gift for MY mother! :-p
    *places order*

  • lovestruck

    i have never had a cowshed product or smelt any of their smells. i shall rectify this, promise.

    as for room diffusers, i’m worried that because the smell is just left ‘open’ (as in, the open air is getting to it at all times), i worry that they don’t last very long so have never bought one – anyone else got one? how long do they last?

  • Jackie Gunner

    I’ll buy anything with Moody Cow on it. It’s practically monogrammed.

  • olivia

    Moody cow, never mind the smell the name is priceless as a mothers day gift!

    • Badgirl

      Mind reader! 🙂

  • Jane Porter

    I want to stay at Babington House and I’ve never even heard of it!

  • Beanie O’D

    The whole Cowshed range is excellent. I gave some as Christmas presents, carefully chosen recipients, naturally.

  • Lorna Leeson

    I adore the Moody Cow smell. Husband finds it hilarious and tres apt.

  • Janie

    I bought a Knackered Cow diffuser for my downstairs loo last October and it is still going and smells amazing … of eucalyptus and lavender. It has lasted and lasted and every time I walk in the house I get a lovely whiff of it. The longevity is AMAZING, I’ve been disappointed by diffusers that basically evaporate leaving nothing but some oily twigs in a jar. Went online to buy one for a friend and out of stock!

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