Nat Nails It: Gloss Like a Boss


Forget sensibly short ‘squovals’ painted in demure shades of nude. Natalie Kate Meehan says it’s time to introduce some sleaze into your mani.

Sometimes, life is boring as shit. Sometimes, you sit on a soggy bus for half an hour to get home before remembering you left your dinner in the fridge at work.


Sometimes, you bite into a Tic Tac and your tooth breaks. Then you look into getting credit to fix your broken tooth and get rejected. And then look up your credit file to find out why and discover an unpaid gas bill from 2006 is still squatting on your account. Woe.


Sometimes, everything looks a little dark and dreary. The nights are too long, the mornings too cold. Teeth too broken.


But then, sometimes, something comes along and reminds you to SUCK IT UP and that life is fun! Quit your moaning! There is fun to be had, guapos!


I’m talking Floss Gloss, you babely things.


The nail brand that evokes bodega babes, fun with your best women, bad ass-ery.


The brand that sends out massive stickers of cartoon strippers with your order. The brand that monikers their (frankly awesome) shades such fabu-lous things as ‘Mrs. Tony Montana’ for a cool, white creme, or ‘Blood, Sue-de and Tears’ for a rich brown.


Bored with how ‘bleak’ the nail game was in their hometown of San Fran in ’09, CCA grads and ‘colour snobs’ Aretha Sack and Janine Lee founded Floss Gloss and elevated retro, luxe packaging, exotic shades and cruelty free, professional-grade formula to the next level.


The colours I tested were all streak free and didn’t chip – but that’s not what sets them apart. Their shades are interesting, all offer something a bit dif-ferent and their glitters are so thick that they’re opaque in barely two coats. What is this sorcery? I absolutely love Dimepiece – a silver glitter that seri-ously means business.


If you like your nails lively, you’re looking in the right place. One of my fa-vorites is ‘Wet’ – a super bright electric turquoise creme that jolted me straight out of S.A.D. City and into feeling a bit hoochie.


The vibe here is dollar bills tucked into fur panties, champagne, fingers stacked with faux diamonds, lots of ghetto-gold.


And check out their Instagram and Twitter accounts if you want some emo-ji-inspo. They have fun on social media and it shows. There’s no stuffy, corporate business strategy here. Just a bunch of women, doing what they love. I’m so down with the self-proclaimed ‘boss bitches’. Get involved.


Floss Gloss:


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