Sponsored Post: Olay Skin Advisor

Olay asked me to try their new Skin Advisor app (available on their website here via mobile or tablet), designed to de-jargon skin type diagnosis and simplify your skincare regime. And being a sucker for sexy new technology, I immediately downloaded for a play. Using a makeup free selfie (no cheating) to identify areas of possible ageing concern (discolouration or wrinkles, for example), as well as areas where skin is ageing well, Skin Advisor mimics how the human brain works and, based on over 50,000 training images of women of all ages, identifies your ‘skin age’ before objectively selecting an entire product regime especially for you. It’s extremely easy, totally free of charge and there’s no pressure to buy all the products. Skin Advisor’s purpose is to arm you with the knowledge and tools you need for a simpler, better skincare routine.

For much more info on the Skin Advisor app, take a look at this video I made. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing with the app, but I’d love you to try it for yourself. SHB and Olay are giving 50 readers the opportunity to receive a free full sized hero product prescribed for them by Olay Skin Advisor. Just complete your consultation, then enter via the forum, here. Winners will be chosen via a random numbers generator on 13th May 2017 and contacted via private message for their postal address and Skin Advisor-recommended hero product name. You should receive your free full-sized sample within 28 days of our receiving your home address. Good luck!

All product are available to buy at Superdrug.com

*Terms and conditions: Please only enter if you are over 18 and have a UK address. Winners will be chosen at random and our decision is final. We reserve the right to substitute items of equal value. We will send winners details to a 3rd party to post prizes to you, your details will not be used for any other purpose.

The SHB promise: This is a carefully selected sponsored post in conjunction with Olay. We will never fail to declare a commercial interest and we will never say we rate a product we don’t. No exceptions, ever.

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  • Peggy RA

    ahaha – just tried this and it gave me a skin age of 26 – pretty damn good considering I turn 26 in a few days!

  • Scarlett

    It won’t accept my birthdate, says it’s not valid but it’s the right one! Anyone else having this problem?

  • Degb

    I cannot get it to accept a photo. I have tried 20 different pix. Any tips?

  • Eliza Ekstein

    “…When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not, hmm?…”

  • this app has some minor issues otherwise it is a great app.

  • Fi Nightingale

    Skin age 39. Flattering considering I’m almost 48 and look like porridge.

    • Beanie O’D

      Me too, I’ll take it knocking three years off.

      • Fi Nightingale

        My selfie made me shudder, Beans.

        • Beanie O’D

          Mine’s horrific. I’ll send it to you one day to make you laugh.

          • Fi Nightingale

            Lol. You’re not bloody seeing mine, I look exactly as if I’ve been on a three day bender, then suddenly been woken up by someone banging on the skip I passed out in. Only worse.

  • Beklet

    I was quite impressed with that. Very simple, but clever all the same.

  • widowspider

    Oooh. Going to have a play with this when I get home.

    • widowspider

      ….and in a move that surprised no one, it told me I’ve got terrible dark circles. Skin age 30 (I’m 35) though, so that wasn’t bad!

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