And The Oscar Goes To….


Diamonds, clutch bags and Jimmy Choos? Pffft. Lupita Nyong’o showed The Academy a thing or two about accessorising


If, like me, you stayed up all night to watch The Oscars on Sunday and if, like me, you have almost bionic vision for even the merest flash of beauty product, then you will have immediately identified the item Ellen DeGeneres cheekily pulled from Best Actress in a Supporting Role Lupita Nyong’o’s clutch as none other than Clarins HydraQuench Replenishing Lip Balm. I have a problem, don’t I?


hydraquench lip balmBut still, I did a small whoop because a) I love Lupita and admire any woman who goes to the lengths of matching her lipbalm tube to her Prada frock. b) I bloody love HydraQuench. The latter has always been one of my favourite balms (Lupita and I have so much in common). Firstly, because it comes in a tube with a slanted nozzle. I am not a fan of deep jars that force you to gunk up the underside of your nail. Gross. Secondly, it’s not remotely sticky. It melts on the lips and envelops them in a soft, clear, moist glaze, not coats them in jam (see Lupita’s gorgeous mouth on the night for proof). Thirdly, it really works. The humectant, hyaluronic-rich formula fixes dry, flaky, sore lips within a couple of days and keeps them in great shape thereafter. It’s a brilliant and often overlooked balm and totally deserved to go home with an Oscar.


Clarins HydraQuench Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, £17.10


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  • Annelie

    Sharp eye there, Sali!

  • alex monteny

    right, i need this because lip balms are rarely any good, i feel.

  • Alkistis

    Matching the lipbalm tube to the colour of the dress – that is dedication, that is!

  • Beanie O’D

    I think I might try this when my Superbalm runs out.

  • Natalie Kate M

    I use HydraQuench on my face so I may just have to get this for my lips too. MATCHY MATCHY.

  • lovestruck

    i’m a carmex girl. i dread to think what weird and wonderful ‘kill bill’ stylee frock i would have to wear in order to match it to my lip balm pot. i’d look like a giant bee.

  • Cee Jay

    Cor how weird, just been away for the weekend and at the airport on the way out I had terrible chapped lips and was without my usual lip balm. I headed into Duty Free and agonised over buying this because I hate buying pricey things that aren’t ‘Sali-approved’. Lo and behold. Get in!

  • Ava

    In the picture it looks like she’s pulled the lipbalm out of Pharrel’s hat…

  • wiiaholic

    I didn’t know there was a HydraQuench lip balm, it sounds lovely *buys immediately*

  • picolin

    *put on my beauty wish list*

  • Naomi101

    No matter which spendy balms I try I always go back to Blistex Intensive Relief. Very cheap & unglamarous but works brilliantly. I feel like it plumps up lips too as it’s slightly tingly & medicinal.

  • Ali Nightingale

    *googles humectant

  • SugarlipsB

    I didn’t watch the Oscars but I do have a habit of product spotting when I watch TV. I spotted a No7 eyeliner on Sherlock, and found myself watching a Channel 4 doco about strippers the other night which was full of shots of them putting on their makeup – very choppily shot and hard to see what they were using, but some interesting eyebrow techniques. I once saw someone on TV daubing a pretty high-end eyeshadow onto her lids with her fingers, and it gave me the rage.

  • Ms Licketysplit

    I am taking oratane at the moment and the only thing that will keep my lips from drying out is Lucas’ paw paw ointment. I spent so much money trying different lip balms and creams but my lips would always flake and feel dry. But Lucas’ seems to be some kind of miracle ointment

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