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Debra Brock checks out the double-team beauty treatments that won’t eat up your lunch hour.


I’m busy. Properly multiple-plate-spinning busy. Work and family fill my day, although the ten games of Pointless I’ve currently got on the go probably aren’t helping.  All my friends are the same – we’ve got no time to meet up for a coffee, let alone lunch or dinner. And beauty treatments? Fat chance. I’m barely keeping on top of the essentials. When my eyebrows have gone through Delevigne into Healey I might book in a shape, and when I push my hair behind my ear to stick my foundation on and think “nice skunk effect”, I get my hair stylist to shove some more colour on. All in extremis and not that pleasurable.


Fortunately, the beauty treatment industry is becoming more sympathetic to the time-starved and desperate, and I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to pack in a mani and facial in just 30 minutes at Groom, just off Oxford Street in London.


Groom ( is one of a host of salons that now offer speedy lunchtime or after-work treatments, either by having two therapists working at the same time or by offering back to back “mini” appointments. My 30 minute Quick Blitz mani – facial (£70) was done in a private cubicle with one therapist working on my face and one on my hands. At first it felt a bit weird (and very self-indulgent) having two people working on me, but I soon relaxed into it. The own-brand facial products smelt gorgeous and were heavy on the essential oils, and the nail products were from Orly and Essie. After about 25 – 30 mins my face was fresh and plumped, nails painted and I was escorted downstairs to sit under the nail dryers for five minutes. Of course I spent that time productively, people-watching through the window and admiring the magnificent portrait of Dame Judi Dench in the window of Hampstead Bazaar, before being released back into the madness that is Oxford Street at lunchtime.


Cowshed are offering similar two-therapist packages at some of their London spas (check for availability). You can have a Cowgroom package for either 30 mins (£80) or an hour (£110), combining a speedy facial with a choice of other treatments.


Blow LTD have gone one better by offering hair, make-up and nails all under one roof. We’ve previously reviewed their Covent Garden salon. Pick your combination of speed treatments to get you out of the door looking fantastic for a special night out.


If you’re outside London, Elemis offer speedy 30 min facials at their department store spa pods nationwide. (Check local spa pod for pricing).


If you’re feeling frazzled or have a special event coming up that you need to go to straight from work, these speed treats might be just the lift you need. And won’t impact on your precious Pointless-playing time.

Debra Brock

Debra Brock is co-founder of and a contributing writer.

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