Rituals Car Fragrances

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Sali Hughes has found a decent air freshener, honest.

Air freshener is the worst thing in the world – never more so than within the cloying confines of a car. That stifling synthetic stench as you sit half-cut in the back of a cab, trying not to look at the swinging Magic Tree threatening to send you from dizzy to pukey, can ruin a girl’s week. I had long-since chosen to go au naturel on the road. That is until these “car perfumes” from beauty and lifestyle brand Rituals. Yes, it is decadent and possibly insane to buy your car a nice bottle of scent. But that is precisely why I like it – it’s bonkers. But also, it’s useful. You just unwrap the scent cartridge, pop it into the holder and clip it onto your dashboard fan. The fan circulates the subtle fragrance throughout the car, masking unpleasantness without gassing your passengers.

If it gets too much, just unclip. The Eucalyptus and Clary Sage varieties are my favourites – bright, reviving and natural-smelling, while the Cherry Blossom and Sandalwood are softer and more traditional. My next purchase: furry dice.


Out now. £7.50, Rituals.com

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