SALI LOVES: Astalift Jelly Aquarysta


Bloody weird and wholly genius, this product has saved my overworked, stressed out skin


I was first shown Astalift skincare when it launched a couple of years ago. The nerdy story behind the brand (it’s made by Fuji, using patented camera film technology that results in the tiniest microparticles of collagen ever used in skincare) interested me, and I was intrigued by Astalift’s hero product, Jelly Aquarysta, a decidedly weird looking red gel-serum. I played with it a bit and heard good things from colleagues, but was too busy testing other products to properly slot it into my routine and trial it in earnest.


Then a month ago, I got Jelly Aquarysta out of the cupboard. I hadn’t slept properly in months, as I try to maintain this website, write a book, keep doing the day job of writing, filming, radioing, industry event attending. I had become acutely aware that my skin was not looking at all good. My face looked looked grey, dull and thin. I looked a few years older than usual and unusually, felt I always had to wear foundation in order to look presentable. I had started to wonder if it was permanent. So I began using the jelly. I took a pea sized amount and massaged in after cleansing and before moisturising, morning and night. At bedtime, I added serum over the top of the super-fine textured jelly, too. On hot days (we’ve had a few at time of writing), I just apply the jelly then sunblock (the Astalift one happens to be excellent, but any is fine). Four weeks on, I doubt I’ll ever stop using it.


The jelly is not at all drying and peeling (I had expected it to be – I don’t generally get on with traditional gels) and is absorbed immediately into the skin with absolutely no grease, making it suitable for all skins, even oily. Make up glides beautifully over the top. It smells like roses. The red and gold packaging is naff but I don’t mind because it sort of adds to its overall and somewhat pleasing quality of being an alien in the beauty world. But the important detail is that my skin looks really, really good. The greyness has gone – the overall tone is much brighter and more vibrant. Everything looks plumper, smoother and firmer. Around my eyes looks better (I use it all over without any problems), and people keep telling me I look well. I’m quick to tell them it’s the magic jelly. I warn them that it’s a bit of a weirdo, that it will feel strange at first, but to persevere because as far as I’m concerned, it really, truly works.



Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, from £26



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