Sali Loves: Autumn Comforts

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Sali looks forward to Autumn and the comforts it brings


As I write, it’s boiling outside, and yet I am praying for the arrival of autumn. I’m in complete denial about Summer’s second wave – I wore boots on the school run this morning because it is fundamentally wrong to go back to school in flipflops. I’m longing for coats, woolly tights, proper perfume, foundation, big bowls of stew and pasta, cosy blankets, chilly dog walks followed by red wine, box sets and talent shows, coming home from school and not feeling obliged to go to the park because it’s too dark, baked potatoes drinking up cold cubes of butter, cheeky whiskey Macs, smoky eyes, beanie hats and Christmas lists. I want takeaway curries, red lipstick, hunkering down in jumpers and bed socks. So while, alas, the weather is currently against me, I can cheer myself up with some autumnal treats. Here are five lovely things pulling me through the lull.


Chanel Superstition Collection, out now, from £17.50


Chanel Super 1


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I love every damn thing in this beautiful autumn collection  (I am wearing the whole shebang in the photo). Dark, glimmering, sludgy grey-green shadows and nail polishes make the accompanying bright pinks and corals of the Coco Shine lipsticks and Le Blush Creme (see the autumn video) look sexy and chic, not perky and girlie. This is always the joy of Chanel – their eye for colour is peerless. The combo here is unbelievably clever and whilst I love this whole collection an almost terrifying amount, the Mystere eyeshadow quad takes the rosette. It makes me want to accept invitations I have no interest in, just so I can take it for a spin.


McVities Vanilla Cheesecake Digestives, £1.19



It’s basically a custard cream made to taste like cream cheese, for Christ’s sake. What more do I need to say? I am stockpiling these for autumn in the fear they will vanish as quietly and swiftly as they arrived. While I do this, I am wholly ignoring that each biscuit contains 67 calories.


Hush Charlene dress, £45

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These days I am mostly sitting at my kitchen table writing a book. To stay in pyjamas makes me feel slovenly and slower than I need to be as deadline approaches. To get dressed up seems a big old waste of time and energy. This little beauty is a very happy middle ground. It’s a sloppy sweatshirt dress that you feel nice in, but don’t mind spilling tea on. It’s a dress for working and eating, one that will look great with beanies, coloured woolly tights and Uggs or biker boots come winter, but is currently biding its time very nicely with leggings and flip-flops. It covers your belly. It’s not stupid money (Hush basics are usually brilliant quality for the price) and will never go out of fashion. I have it in Dark Charcoal Marl but long for the Marine blue. Six more chapters in this one and then maybe I’ll treat myself.


Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm, £2.99


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I am so desperate for autumn that I’m almost willing my lips to become chapped, just so I can reapply this more often. It’s one of those cheery products that’s super cheap, really good looking (the graffiti-style tube is a bit Stephen Sprouse) and does it’s job brilliantly well. I like that there’s no pot to have to ram your fingernail into, and that it’s not glossy or sticky, just moist and dewy looking. It softens lips for several hours and the bullet means you can apply easily without a mirror. It mixes really well with lipliner for a subtle tint. There are six versions of Baby Lips, including four flavoured varieties – mint, cherry, peach and punch. I personally love the flavourless blue one (Hydrate) but I might ramp up to yellow (Intense Care) when the cold snap finally comes.


Ganni Trainers, from £170, Nolaboutique


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I wear loads of this Danish label. The simple, classic shapes suit me and make a great backdrop for bold jewellery, bonkers tights and heavy boots – all of which I love, obviously. This season, they’ve extended their footwear range and though it’s more expensive than the relatively affordable frocks, I loved these sparkly hi-tops so much that I decided to make a one-off investment (my friend Lauren Laverne has these lo-top, animal print versions from Boden, which are much cheaper and completely ace). Firstly, the quality of the Gannis is fab. They shed no glitter as I stomp about or even rub the surface. They’re super comfy and so can be worn to make normal errand-y days a whole lot more glamorous (you can get them in plain suede if you’re less trashy than I), as well as on a night out (no need to pack your flats and shed your party shoes to run for the train with these). They look brilliant with woolly tights and sweater dresses (yes, I have tried them in my boiling bedroom), as well as with skinny jeans and a sweatshirt. The ‘Ebony’ colour is not quite black, more a chic industrial graphite, which, as it happens, goes bloody great with Chanel’s Mystere quad.


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