Sali Loves: Burberry Beauty Skin Cashmere Concealer


Well, well. Things I was not expecting: the Trump candidacy, Craig David’s comeback, Saturday in Brighton to be hotter than Lisbon, Burberry Beauty to fully ace a concealer. Why? I love the brand. Their blushers are soft, pretty and beautifully blending, and they’re even better at making eye products (I cannot live without the Eye Contour Crayons – as long as I have a couple in my bag, I can do pretty much any eye look), but I’ve had less success with Burberry base. The foundation always seems a bit dark, a bit orange, either too sheer or too matte – at least on me. And so it was with some scepticism that I took Skin Cashmere Concealer for a spin. But I’m so glad I did. Firstly, it has a round sponge applicator that – speaking as someone who routinely applies makeup on the move – has changed my life. Unlike a pen or doe-foot wand, the fat, round tip can be used to dab large but thin layers of concealer without messy splodges that need forever to blend. With this, I give the product around my eyes and nose little more than a finger-pat and the joins just disappear. The texture – velvety, creamy, not too wet – really helps, and also means that the concealer stays on the job instead of deserting its station. This type of click-pen packaging (which doesn’t overdose, incidentally) would generally suggest a sheer finish rather than a total cover-up, but I can assure you the coverage is very good indeed – I’ve been using it as my main concealer (over pink corrector on dark circles, peach corrector on melasma) and haven’t needed to top up with anything heftier. Burberry Beauty Skin Cashmere Concealer is a cracking little product on the whole but one unsurprising caveat: the colours come up dark again. I’d normally expect to be a shade 2, but in this, I’m a 00. True porcelain tones will struggle to find a match.

Burberry Skin Cashmere Concealer, £25



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