Sali Loves: Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eye Shadow Pencils

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Want an easy way to make your eye colour look vibrant? Sali explains all



Here’s the thing: I am not keen on colour rules at all. Whenever someone asks me whether they can wear brown shadow with brown eyes, or blue mascara with blue eyes, I must confess that my heart sinks. Such prescriptive beauty rules take all the fun out of make-up, for me. A blue eyed girl should absolutely wear a navy liner if that’s what she fancies (no one’s eyes match navy exactly anyway) and I can’t see why someone with brown eyes should miss out on brown shadow when it is easily the most versatile and wearable of all eye make-ups.


Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 08.55.42But while I’m not about forbidding certain shades, I’m all for using colour to enhance and exaggerate what nature gave you. I totally understand why someone might want to make their enviable eye colour pop and sparkle, and that is something I’ve honestly never seen done more effectively, nor more easily, than by Charlotte Tilbury in her Colour Chameleon crayons. I am utterly obsessed with these clever sticks designed purely to make your natural eye colour vibrant, and I’ve worn them practically every day for weeks. They’re soft, smudgy (but not messy), and an absolute cinch to shop (every crayon is labelled with an ideal eye colour and either ‘Day’ or ‘Night’, according to how dramatic the finish) and to apply. You can either use one to line the eyes, as I’ve done in the first picture (using Bronzed Garnet), or you can apply more thickly over the lid and use as shadow, smudging with your finger, as I did in picture two for a night out this week (it’s Amethyst Aphrodisiac and looked great against my navy dress).


And while both shades made my green eyes greener, as they promised, the joy of these is that they make rule breaking irresistible. My eyes may be green, but I’ve also been wearing black Diamonds (for blue eyes) as a fast way to smudge in some smoke in the evenings. The Golden Quartz and Smoky Emerald (both for hazel eyes) also look great. Because it’s not that choosing a shade for different eye colours is in any way wrong here, only that choosing one for your own eyes is more right than I’d ever hoped.


Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencils, £19 each.


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