SALI LOVES: Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils

Clarins Lip Oil

They are BACK. This is not a drill. We repeat, this is not a drill.

In January this year, I went daft for Clarins’ limited edition Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils, two incredible tinted lip treatments inspired by the brand’s reputation for high quality plant treatment oils. The idea – at least from my viewpoint – was to treat dry, dehydrated, flaky lips with rich, non-greasy oils, while tinting them with sheer colour that would flatter, not draw attention to, the problem. And on that, they really did deliver. The term tinted lip balm is bandied about, but we all know this generally means a very sheer lipstick with a little more comfort and slip than gloss. We can rarely expect a tinted balm to go as far as improve skin condition in any significant way. These were different. They drenched dryness in a silky, moisturising blend of hazelnut, jojoba and mirabelle oils and noticeably and tangibly improved matters within a couple of days. The tints, while limited to two not exactly groundbreaking (a clear raspberry pink and a warm honey nude) shades, both looked extremely pretty on all skin tones and could be whacked on with fairly reckless abandon sans miroir. They sat unstickily on the lips (no hair ‘taches in high winds), tasted nice, and were pretty perfect, all told, which is why they sold out in about three minutes flat, only occasionally to reappear for thrice their RRP on eBay. And so the sensible souls at Clarins have seen the error of their ways (and possibly noticed YSL’s later success with a very similar product) and decided quite correctly to reintroduce the tints, only this time, as permanent members of its extended family of excellent oils. And they’re available right now. I do so love a happy ending.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils, £18

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