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The reformulation of Clinique’s iconic yellow face lotion may not sound dramatically different. But dehydrated skins will immediately feel the change


One of the first premium skincare products I ever put on my face was Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. Just 13 and already fully obsessed with products, I’d persuaded my mother to buy herself the iconic yellow lotion in the hope I’d be able to nick some, which is precisely what I did. I was disappointed when my dry, dehydrated skin slurped it up within seconds and immediately went back to feeling tight. In the many years since, I’ve rarely used DDML personally, but have recommended it to lots of women, many of whom are completely evangelical about it. Quite simply, it is a very good basic moisturiser for very normal skin – no frills, no bells and whistles, just moderate moisture. Clinique consultants always suggest dry or more problematic types layer one of their treatment moisturisers over the top of DDML, but that’s not a realistic or practical option for many of us (and besides, I find Clinique’s anti-ageing creams like Repairwear and Superdefense work extremely well on their own, without the yellow underlay). The iconic DDML formula has remained the same despite any technological advances in skincare and been wholly impervious to beauty trends, and with good reason – it’s been the world’s best-selling premium skincare product for donkey’s years.


But this month, Clinique has done the unthinkable and reformulated its hero product to replace the old one permanently. At first glance, this seems an overstatement. There’s nothing dramatically different about the reformulation of DDML (now called Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+) – presumably there would be riots if Clinique tinkered too much with the face lotion so loved by millions. But the small step they’ve taken is a very significant one and makes DDML suitable for very many more women than before. The new version contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin – just a couple of additional ingredients, but to anyone with dehydrated skin, proven gamechangers thanks to their ability to attract and hold onto water. I’m never without a hyaluronic-rich product in my routine and find it’s very often the difference between skin that’s dull, flaky, uncomfortable and that which is plump, pink and glowing with health. This effect is true of the new DDML. It no longer leaves my skin tight and uncomfortable. It’s gives a soft, velvety finish that goes well under make-up. Unlike the original formula, I can still feel it on my skin 12 hours later – moist yet entirely without greasiness. If you love the original Dramatically Different, you will still love this one, perhaps even more so. And if, like me, you found the classic formula lacking, it may now be time to revisit.


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, from £17



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