Sali Loves: Clinique Runway Coral

Clinique Runway Coral

The most sought after lipstick of last year returns, as bright and badass as ever.


Clinique’s Long Last Lipstick in Runway Coral made its debut at New York Fashion Week in Spring / Summer 2012. Everyone immediately went nuts for it – including me. When Clinique released it as a limited edition, I got two and sat on them like a hen on eggs, rationing their use for fear they’d run out and leave me bereft. Mercifully, I can finally apply Runway Coral with abandon, as Clinique has re-released the shade in time for summer.


What’s so great about it? It’s a very modern coral – not Mad Men retro (I use Tom Ford’s True Coral and Maybelline’s Coral Fever for that), but bright, bold, cool coral that doesn’t yellow teeth and looks incredible against natural-looking skin and some black mascara (I find the more retro corals demand a full face). Secondly, Runway Coral’s pigment is really dense – what you get in the tube is what you see on your face. And unusually for such dense colour, the stick doesn’t drag and the colour doesn’t dry. It sticks around, too. I can go around five hours before I need to reapply. I’ll be wearing it all summer with a smidge of Liz Earle cream blusher in Coral, and not a great deal else.


Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Runway Coral, £16.50


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