Sali Loves: Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil

clq_6H9K_402x464Facial washes aside where they belong, oils are generally my least favourite cleansing method. It’s entirely personal. I find them a bit messy and dribbly and given that a balm removes makeup and dirt just as effectively, I opt for the convenience of a solid product in the evening (for mornings, I’ll use a milk or cream). That said, this new cleansing oil has stolen my heart, and I’ve used nothing else for my nighttime cleanse for the past several weeks. It’s the latest addition to Clinique’s renowned Take The Day Off category, a range that prides itself on quickly removing even the heaviest makeup, including waterproof. This doesn’t let the side down. Seriously, it shifts EVERYTHING in one, two-pump, application. There’s no rubbing or coaxing mascara from lashes, no having to give your base another once-over when the flannel keeps coming back orange. Skin is sparkling clean but crucially, without the squeak. Deep cleansers can often make my skin feel as though it’s been cleaned with Cif and a Vileda Supermop, but this leaves it perfectly soft minus even the thinnest film of serum-blocking grease (because though oil-like in consistency, it doesn’t actually contain any oils. Go figure). It smells of absolutely nothing, so aromatherapy lovers may find that disappointing, but it performs so brilliantly in every area that I’m prepared to forgive. The one application efficiency means I’ve been using for about three weeks now and I’m only about an eighth of the way through the bottle. It’s suitable for everyone, including the sensitive and the oily, and I can rub it all over my eyes without any reaction. It’s just bloody fantastic and so I had to share.

Application: Massage into dry skin to loosen makeup. Wet your hands in warm water and massage over the top, to emulsify (the oil will turn milky). Remove with a wrung out hot flannel, obvs.


Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil, £22

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