Sali Loves: GAP Skinny Minnies

GAP skinnies

Relaxed khakis that make you look feminine and sexy? I never thought it possible.


As a devoted dress wearer, I don’t really wear trousers. Jeans, yes – whether denim, twill or corduroy. But not proper trousers. I struggle with them on my body because I’m short with hips and an arse and they almost invariably make me look like a dumpy eleven year old schoolboy waiting to go on to bat. This was particularly inconvenient when I worked at the Gap for several years in my youth. My heart sank whenever we had ‘khaki week’ and staff were made to wear the cuff-hemmed pleated chinos that made the brand famous. Leggy female staff members and wiry stockroom boys looked fantastic in them, all snake hips, cotton vest and sneakers. I thanked God to be head cashier and able to hide my sandy-coloured nether regions behind a till.


I wish they’d made these back then. I chanced upon Gap’s new Skinny Minny Skimmer Khakis, £34.95, in boiling hot New York last week and they are without a doubt, the most flattering casual trousers I have worn. They’re made from cool, stretch twill and have a thin, tapered leg that manages to look sloppy and casual without being baggy and mannish. They’re sexy but not try-hard. They’re going out for a coffee or pint of milk trousers. The side pockets are well designed so they don’t gape, bag or add to your hips. The ankle is meant to be cropped but I’m tiny (5,3”) so they are almost full length on me without losing their neat proportions (they’re also thin enough to roll up if you want them shorter). The bum pockets are perfectly sized (trousers without back pockets are evil on the arse) and again, look sexy but insouciant. Everything gives a bit as you wear them so don’t be tempted to buy bigger (I’m a UK size 8 and got the 2. My friend Jo is a UK14 and has them in Gap 8. Both are spot on). They look great with T shirts, sweatshirts, vests (I’m wearing them today with a thin tee and flat Saltwater sandals) but can be dressed up really well with little blouses and heels. They’re so comfy that I did a six hour flight in them and felt as comfy as I would in pyjamas. I love the green ‘Desert Cactus’ colour and want navy next, but there are other colours in the sale. I feel really good in trousers for the first time in years. If you’ve been giving them a wide berth too, go and try these. They may well be the turning point.


Skinny Minny Skimmer Khakis, £34.95 (from £15.99 in the sale), Gap.


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