SALI LOVES: MAC Cream Colour Base in Vintage Rose

Sali’s found the perfect 2-in-1.

Do any of these apply to you: You love Bobbi Brown Nude lipstick or Stila Convertible Color in Peony on others, but it looks too brown or red on your lips? You love the idea of a 2-in-1 blusher and lipstick but the products claiming to do both look too dull and matte on your mouth? You love creme blush but find it awkward to blend over powder, and no longer dewy and fresh-looking when applied underneath it? You like smooshing on your makeup with fingertips but also love cremes to look more polished when applied with brushes? You are anywhere between palest white and darkest black? You find generally find rose too ashy on your darker skintone? You like pink but feel about nine when you wear it?
mac cream colour

So you can see where I’m going here. You need this. It’s amazing. I bought it (yes, with actual cash money) in New York this summer when I realised it was simply too hot for separate products with even a modicum of faff. I wore it in the hair videos I made for The Pool, on both my lips and cheeks, and I’ve received countless tweets and emails since, asking me what it is. It is, I think, the most versatile everyday rose I’ve ever found. The neutral base makes the pinkness look super sophisticated rather than girly and honest to goodness, it suits literally every skintone (it also looks wonderful as an eyeshadow on Afro-caribbean and Asian skins. Avoid if you’re white. You’ll look like a lab rat). Unlike most 2-in-1s, it looks genuinely gorgeous on the lips – so much so that I’d very happily choose it as my lipstick, whether or not I was wearing it on my cheeks too. It smartest up very nicely with a liner (I use Estée Lauder Double Wear in Rose, but MAC Staunchly Stylish works great too) and the consistency is stiff enough to apply neatly with either your little finger or a lip brush.

But what I love most here is the cleverness and versatility of the formula. Because this is a professional product, it’s been designed for mixing with, or layering over and under, anything else you happen to be wearing, without losing its own integrity. Like all the Cream Colour Bases, it has that gorgeous slip and dewiness we all seek in a creme blush, but with the genuine ability to layer up to something quite bold and striking. It mixes wonderfully with a pearl creme or highlighter for shimmer, has decent staying power (I touch up once during the day, but only because I’d rather go naked than blush-less) and impressive density of pigment – you really need to go easier than you might imagine, especially if using a brush. I’d describe the finish as satin on cheeks, demi-matte on lips, unless you’re wearing heaps of balm, in which case it mixes very well to create a gloss. Overall, it’s pretty flawless and a now completely indispensable addition to my kit.

MAC Cream Colour Base in Vintage Rose, £16


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