Sali Loves: Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser Skin Conditioner

nivea in shower

If you have problem dry skin like me, this is lifechanging.


When I first spotted in-shower body lotions several years ago, I was in America clearing the shelves at a New York drugstore, as is my MO. For someone like me, who simply cannot neglect to moisturise my body for a good ten minutes (at least) after every shower without my extremely dry skin becoming tight, uncomfortable, flaky, even painful, a cream you just slap on while still in the water seemed like a Godsend. But I was so disappointed with the results. My skin felt as dry as ever and the products seem to fade from the market.


So I approached Nivea’s new in-shower Body Moisturiser Skin Conditioner with modest expectations. But in fact, it has changed my life. This goes on as a last product – after shower gel (the Nivea doesn’t clean), shaving foam, scrub, or whatever else you do in the shower, massaged haphazardly all over the body. It’s then rinsed off, leaving behind a coating of almond oil (yet it sinks in better than pure oil, which I’ve tried many times). Nivea In-Shower basically works in the same way as Aqueous cream, which I personally find smelly and ineffective on my super dry skin. This, however, works a treat. My skin feels comfortable after drying – so much so that on two occasions I’ve been able to get dressed and go for the first times ever. It’s no substitute for proper body cream – I know that I will be basting my showered body forever more – but this does allow me the occasional slip. I have never in my life before known that freedom everyone else has, of just being able to jump in the shower and dash off to work, without having to set their alarm early for serious moisturising. Nivea In-Shower is brilliant. If you have problem dry skin, try it.


Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser, £2.36 – £3.39 (currently 1/3 off)

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