SALI LOVES: Själ Kura Intuitif Intense Hydration and Repair Crème

You’re 100% definitely going to win the lottery at some point, so where’s the harm in starting a shopping list? Let’s pop this down, for starters.


Let’s be real here, the opportunities one might get for buying a £170 moisturiser are few and far between. But equally, there may be freakish times when you find yourself wandering through town on day 26 of your cycle, three sheets to the wind, or at a complete loss for what to do to help a seriously ill or post-natally depressed friend, or are just experiencing huge self indulgence and a coinciding windfall. And so for these rare occasions, I nominate Själ Kura Intuitif Intense Hydration and Repair Crème. It’s the richest, most hydrating, most luxurious heavy duty moisturiser I’ve ever used in my life. And when I say heavy duty, I really mean it. To give it some context, this cream is richer than Creme de La Mer, Revive Creme Lustre and Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv, and so not a cream for the fainthearted. It’s for dry, dehydrated, fatigued, stressed, grey skin – the kind of skin that’s undergone chemo, or has endured a very long winter of harsh winds and central heating, or belongs to a breastfeeding mum who hasn’t had time to drink enough. None applies to me, but my skin loves serious moisture, and so I began slathering on the Själ after bathing (and serum) over Christmas. What can I say? It’s a luxury blanket of cosseting moisture, and my skin lapped it up. It’s the kind of cream one can pop on before bed and still feel in the morning. I suppose I should mention ingredients, but I’ll just give you the basics because the list is acres long (click the link for a full breakdown on the Space NK site). We have high grade essential oils, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and alpha hydroxy acids – though I seriously doubt they’ll cause even sensitive types any problems in this gentle formula. The texture isn’t at all greasy, but it is stickily humectant – which I rather love, but your mileage may vary – making it less than ideal for daytime use as a makeup base. For nighttime and makeup-free days, though, I can think of nothing I’d rather put on my face. Intuitive Intense Hydration is not suitable for oilies, but I’d be very surprised if any dehydrated skin drier than normal failed to fall in love with it. It gives instantly healthier-looking, plumped-up glow, lasting skin comfort and increased suppleness. Finally, I should mention that my pot is a 30ml, which retailed at around a hundred quid, but no longer seems to be available anywhere. The large 60ml jar now seems to be standard. Still – in for a penny, in for a pound. You won’t waste a drop.



Själ Kura Intuitif Intense Hydration and Repair Crème, £170

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