Sali Loves: Sunday Riley Good Genes

US300023215_SUNDAYI recently had coffee with Sunday, during which, I made the mistake of revealing that I’d never tried Good Genes. Honestly, if we’d been in a film, the record would’ve scratched and every diner would have turned around, mouths agape. My reasoning for not testing it was this: Good Genes claims to help with hyperpigmentation and I have melasma, which will never respond to a serum. Plus, it hadn’t launched when I last did a column on hyper pigmentation, so I couldn’t try it then either. While I have in recent years become obsessed with Sunday’s oils (Artemis is incredible), Good Genes kind of slipped through my net. Needless to say, I left our coffee with a bottle of Good Genes, having assured Sunday that I would certainly give it a whirl.

I’m so glad I did, because to shove this in the pigmentation ghetto is to miss umpteen tricks. Where Good Genes really comes into its own, for me, is on pores and dullness. The former were visibly reduced within about four days (especially on the bridge of my nose), and the latter, noticeably improved within a week (an aside: I do find Sunday Riley products work unusually fast, in general). The difference is so distinguishable, and so rapid, that the extremely high price tag seems a *little* easier to swallow. The active here is lactic acid, so sensitive types and rosacea sufferers may find it too much (though lactic is generally less likely to irritate than things like salicylic, there is a definite tingle here) and because of this, it’s basically a resurfacing serum. It feels very silicon-y (yes, I’ve yet again decided this is a word) on the fingertips and so spreads very smoothly on the face. That said, both the texture and acid content mean that I’d avoid wearing it during the day, as makeup doesn’t apply that well over the top – I tried it out of curiosity. Instead, I’ve been wearing it nightly to bed (under Caudalie, Guerlain or Sunday Riley oils), then using Vichy Aqualia in the mornings, but your mileage may vary. For previously stated reasons, I don’t yet know if it works on sunspots and pigmentation, but overall, this is a cracking serum for anyone with a 35+ year old face. I’ll gladly put my hand up and declare I was wrong to ignore the hype.

Sunday Riley Good Genes, £85, Space NK


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