SALI LOVES: Topshop Lip Balm Duo Gift Set

Top Shop Lip Balms

Two tins of pretty, cheery moisture for a fiver. Reader, I took the lot.

If I have an hour to kill between meetings, I invariably wander into Selfridges Beauty Workshop (off the main beauty hall) and have a rummage. It’s the closest Central London gets to providing the kind of buzz one experiences in a pile-em-high New York drugstore, and I always find new and interesting things to perv over there. These caught my eye the other day for no other reason than I loved how they looked and wanted one in my bag immediately. They’re two gorgeous little tins of tinted balm (they also come in singles for three quid) – one bubblegum pink, one peachy. They give a nice, subtle, non shimmery tint and some moisture. I’ve been wearing them with Origins Vitazing, MAC Ladyblush creme blusher and some mascara during casual weekends and they’re pretty on, if not exactly lifechanging. But just look at the packaging. They are incredibly cute – without being retro and twee – and are super cheap. Whenever I reach into my bag and pull out one of the tins, I feel cheered. They make me want to re-apply them constantly. So I do.


Topshop Lip Balm Duo Gift Set, £5


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