Scent First Class

Debra Brock signs up to a new subscription service for fragrance fans.

I’m what you might call (and I definitely do) a fragrance enthusiast. Even before a recent, inspiring fragrance consultation at Roja Dove, my bottle collection had reached need-new-cupboards level. So when I discovered industry expert Jo Fairley’s latest venture, The Perfume Society, I was on it faster than an X Factor winner signing their first tooth whitening contract.

PradaWebAwNavyText-350x350The Perfume Society offers many ways to explore fragrance under one digital roof. Non-subscribers can enjoy a raft of great articles, a fragrance ‘finder’ that will suggest new perfumes to try and info on some new releases. But for proper scentheads, the annual £25 subscription is a must. This delivers eight digital copies of The Scented Letter magazine, full of brilliantly written pieces on everything perfume related from notes to noses, as well as details of seemingly every fragrance release under the sun. As part of the subscription package you also get a Discovery box of samples, and the opportunity to attend a free workshop called How To Improve Your Sense Of Smell. Forthcoming eclectic venues for these are London, York, Hastings and Knutsford. The Society offers other events at a charge and the opportunity to buy further sample boxes. These carefully curated selections are designed to introduce you to a brand or a family of fragrances. The latest, for instance, includes six different 8ml samples from Les Infusions de Prada.

Whether you’re just dipping a toe in the world of scent or are a full-on fragrance magnet like me, The Perfume Society has much to offer. Find out more at The Perfume Society and read a sample of their digital magazine, The Scented Letter, here.

Debra Brock

Debra Brock is co-founder of and a contributing writer.

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