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Sali is having multiples over bold, shimmer free, iconic sticks of goodness


Few beauty products can really be called iconic, but Nars’ The Multiple is one that you’d be seriously pushed to deny the accolade. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a photo shoot and not seen several Multiples in the artist’s kit bag. I’ve rarely known a beauty industry insider without at least one shade in her possession, and when I interview female celebrities and ask them to spill their beauty secrets, they so often cite these twist-up cheek and lip cremes as their go-to make-up item, that I’m almost tempted to ask them to change the record for variety.


Me? I own several, of course. I think they’re wonderful, easy, clever, versatile – I use them on others a lot (peachy-corally Portofino is my favourite – it can look beautiful on any skintone). But they’ve never been my personal staple because on my own face, I like shimmer-free cheek and lip colour. A little glimmer looks fab on others but matte, creamy colour is just my thing.


So to say I was excited to try Nars’ long overdue Matte Multiple is to rather underdo it. These, launched this week at Space NK, share all the great things about the original – exceptionally easy application (just dab on your cheeks and blend the circle outwards, and apply to lips with your finger or a lip brush), impressive longevity (one touch up a day, max), generous packaging, and fantastic colours (six in all). Anguilla, a pale, dusky rose, has been on my face for the past fortnight with scarcely a break. Siam is the most stunning vibrant red that looks incredible on tanned, olive, brown and black complexions. Meanwhile, the browner shades are so natural-looking that they make great contouring tones, cream eye shadows and bronzers.


But what these don’t have is the shimmer of the original. None. Not a glint. This gives them a softness, more sophistication, a youthful but really chic look. It makes them more forgiving on uneven skintone, texture, lines, dry lips. They can be worn as part of a full face, or smudged on with a few strokes of mascara for a casual but co-ordinated look. Basically, what Nars has done is make the world’s easiest make-up even easier.


Like the originals, Matte Multiples are priced at £30 but so big and chunky that they’ll last for ages. They’re available now at Space NK stores nationwide. Starting on April 4th, Nars will hold a competition, giving away a full set of Matte Multiples (worth £210) each day for four days. To enter, see the Nars Facebook page. Check out the entries by following the #NARSMULTIPLE hashtag on Instagram.



*This is a sponsored post

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  • Debra Brock

    I’ll be needing these, then.

  • msmarmitelover

    I love matte and I have the Nars red. But what I really really want is a deep pink.

    • Cee Jay

      Siam has pink undertones, on me when it’s blended out it looks like a deep reddish pink.

  • Beanie O’D

    I’ve had my Copacabana for yonks. These look amazing, going on the summer make up wishlist.

  • Ash

    I have a matt multiple from their BLKR collection last year. It was a cream stick version of Seduction – absolutely lovely. Liking the look of Altai, but have spent way too much lately. *sits on credit card*

  • Beklet

    Oh yes! Ideal for us of shiny skin and no sticking power. I might actually be able to drop my setting powder on my cheeks for the first time ever. If Stila’s rose, is my perfect “I’ve just had sex” shade, ahem, does anyone know which of these is my essential flavour?

    • Cee Jay

      None of them are as dusky as Stila Rose, but Laos is a very wearable warm pink shade that I’m sure would suit most people. You could opt for Siam which is redder, but it is mega pigmented and much harder to wear I think, it’s trickier to blend. Laos is foolproof.

      • Beklet

        Thanks, Cee Jay

  • Devon Clark

    YES! I’ve often lingered over The Multiple but never purchased one because of the shimmer content. I can’t wait to go on a Multiple hunt.

  • Bekahbea

    These look lush. My wishlist now runs to about seven volumes …

  • Hollie

    Oh Lord. My “want” list is getting longer by the day and IT’S ALL SALI’S FAULT.

  • Lana Turner

    Pun for every occasion eh Hughes? Want these so bad.

  • Love the no glitter factor

  • hannahlubell

    *sigh* as someone with very oily, dehydrated and spotty skin I always look longingly at you lovely ladies with your simple glow of tinted moisturiser and creamy, blushed cheeks. It’s an effortlessly stylish look. I wish I could pull this off.

    • Little Brown Bird

      My skin is like yours, so I use powder blush and if you buff it in with a brush you can look just as good 🙂

  • Cee Jay

    Yes yes yes yes! I ordered Siam, Laos and Exumas the second they came out. I’m in love, I haven’t worn any other blushers since! I need Anguilla next, totally overlooked it for being too pale but I think I was wrong.

  • Rooty Tooty

    These sound so good. I’m a little wary of matte looks now because I’m getting to that age when they could be quite draining. I can’t stand too much glitter either though. Nars Orgasm is about as shimmery as I go on cheeks. Think I’ll be needing to have a go next time I’m in Space NK though. I fancy one for emergency make up bag use at least.

  • Jane Porter

    Now the weathers turned cold, I’ll need this to cheer me up!

  • The late Fred Feast

    Can you use them on your arse?

  • Sally May

    Have always avoided The multiples for exactly this reason. I go into Space NK thinking “A multiple is what I need” then try them and realise that no, they are Not For Me. So shimmery as toalmost be sparkly, nah ta. These sound truly perfect – at last. And they’ve not got stupid names like their forebears: bonus.

  • RosieGlow

    Ooooooooh!! I think I might need to go experiment with these. They sound fab!

  • Amy

    These are tempting but it still bothers me that they are half the size of the regular multiples and yet still the same price.

  • Beth

    Am I a teeny minority who finds they just lift make up off my face, go on with difficulty and really don’t last? The originals at least! I felt so ripped off, I never touch my Orgasm. Mattes appeal to me, but half the size and the same old formula/application… I’ll stick to my stila convertibles! Purse friendly!

  • Katie

    Just checked my Instagram account and I only bloody won! So excited. Thanks so much for this piece Sali, or I wouldn’t have known about the competition

  • Louise Richmond

    I bought Exumas and it is lovely, but too orangey for me. Think I should have gone for Laos. Ah well, maybe I need two.

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