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Sali Hughes on one of her favourite anti-ageing ranges

IMG_1459Regular readers will know that my chief skincare concerns are centred around dehydration and ageing. Over the years, I’ve cobbled together a regime for tackling both with a cocktail of different products for either concern. Temporarily hydrating products go on by day because anti-agers never offer suitable hydration for my thirsty skin, while longer term anti-wrinkle potions containing retinol and anti-oxidants like Vitamin C (the two key ingredients used by dermatologists to impact signs of ageing) go on by night, and never the twain shall meet. I’ve often wondered aloud why I can’t have a combination of both in the form of a gentle, hydrating and plumping serum with proven anti-ageing benefits for daytime use under makeup. La Roche Posay – on record as one of my favourite anti-ageing skincare brands – has now taken a more 360 degree approach, with its latest addition to the excellent Redermic family of products, Redermic C10 Corrective Filler. This serum combines plumping hyaluronic acid (its peerless ability to hold on to water makes it completely essential for my dehydrated skin – really, I will never leave home without it) with antioxidant Vitamin C in its most soluble and effective form, along with Vitamin E, and is suitable for all skins, including sensitive. IMG_1463I’ve been using the filler for two weeks, under my normal moisturiser by day, then switching to an older favourite, Redermic R Eyes and Redermic R Anti-ageing Concentrate (for face and neck) – both with Retinol, by night. Several key benefits have emerged during the process. Crucially for me – as someone who is constantly in and out of meetings, and photographed quite frequently – there’s no downtime. The extreme flaking we typically see in retinol or Vitamin C based products just didn’t happen. Some very light flaking was reassuring to see (I want to know that the retinol is doing its resurfacing work!), but gone within 48 hours at most. Similarly, there’s no sting with either the C10 or the R products. The lack of these two side-effects, combined with the hydrating properties on the C10 made me think the regime could be enjoyed by those with rosacea (and I’ll rarely say that about anything containing retinol) or acne. Regardless of skin type, the results should soon be noticeable. My skin felt comfortable (I wore oil over the Redermic R at night, as is always my preference, but I could have comfortably skipped it) and hydrated, looked plumper and firmer, especially around my eyes. It didn’t interfere at all with other skincare or makeup (absolutely no rolling or bobbling here, I promise), and I found my fine dehydration lines were noticeable smoother. You may already know that parabens are not of particular concern for me, but if your skin is particularly sensitive, or you just prefer to avoid them, then rest assured there are none in the entire range.


For more information on Redermic R and C10, click here.

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