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IOMA Youth Booster

I test drove the state of the art diagnostic skin system from the French lab that’s on every beauty editor’s lips.   God, I love a gadget, me. Though calling the IOMA Sphere a gadget is a bit like calling the Mississippi a babbling brook. What this state-of-the-art machine does is sit on the IOMA skincare counter and analyse your complexion for sun damage, bacteria, breakouts, dehydration, wrinkles and sagging, taking measurements and magnified photographs to chart its condition. It then provides a diagnosis and prescribes a bespoke selection of products from the high tech skincare brand (some of which are even hand mixed for you on counter). I went last week to use the IOMA Sphere at Harrods, and experienced a sort of multiple geekgasm as my skin was guided through the various tests. Once I’d got over the shock of seeing my melasma highlighted in glorious Technicolor, it was deeply satisfying to see exactly what was going on beneath my face’s ground floor.   The results were reassuringly kind (very little sun damage, no deep lines, acne or sagging, some loss of volume in the mouth – try telling this to my partner), though inevitably, I did score dreadfully for dehydration, resulting in my being prescribed Youth Booster, a serum/moisturiser hybrid that has been rocking my world ever since. It’s a gorgeous hydrating and moisturising product on the inside, bloody ingenious gadget on the outside. Because clipped on top of the lid is an exclusive LED moisture gauge that simply presses against the skin until it illuminates with your skin’s individual reading – 1 for perfectly hydrated, 5 for absolutely gasping for a drink.   At £149, Youth Booster is really expensive, absolutely no question, but it is a 2-in-1 serum and moisturiser, and so is covering two price tags (it’s also 50ml rather than the standard 30). And more’s to the point, there are many more products in the line-up costing much less. The Optimum Moisture Serum (£65), for example, is lovely, and the super-fine Cell Protector SPF50+, £39, is a sunblock so light in consistency that even the oiliest types can wear it without the threat of scenes from an oil tanker disaster. I’ve also loved using the eye contour products, designed to be used on upper and lower lids and the surrounding area, which have a beautifully light but deceptively rich texture.   But for me, the most impressive thing about IOMA is its transparency: it affords you the opportunity of seeing evidence that its products are actually working. With Youth Booster, you can keep daily track of your hydration levels via the in-built LED gadget (I tested a 5 during my diagnosis, meaning I had to use the serum twice a day. Three and a half days later, I’m a 3, which is progress. My arms are a 5, my chin is a 2, my dog is a 4… What? It’s a tad addictive, okay?). But even with any of the other IOMA products, you can pop into Harrods or a participating Boots store whenever you want, to go through the screening again and compare your pre and post-IOMA results. This isn’t about squinting at the magnifying mirror, trying to spot some sort of a result from your serum. IOMA is about tangible, measurable evidence of efficacy. I can’t think of any other skincare brand that lays itself open to scrutiny like this, and that level of self confidence is reassuring, not to mention music to my nerdy ears.   If you’d like to discover IOMA for yourself, I’ll personally be hosting an exclusive FREE event at Boots Westfield, White City, London, on 22nd October 2014, from 5-7pm. The first 10 guests to counter will receive a skin diagnostic session with me and an IOMA consultant on the brilliant Sphere machine. For anyone else, I will be on hand for the full two hours to help with product recommendations, skincare advice, book signing, chats and most other things you can think of that don’t involve me taking my dress off or doing any exercise. There will be several IOMA consultants on hand with free samples and extensive brand knowledge, so do come along. Honestly and truly, I loved my diagnostic session and would recommend that anyone with an interest in skincare grabs the chance, either with me on the 22nd, or with a consultant at any other time. But just now I’m taking my Youth Booster LED to measure the moisture in a Galaxy Smooth. Be right back.   *This is a carefully selected sponsored post

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