Sali Loves: Marc Jacobs Covert Stick Color Corrector


Dark patches or brown circles? This fast, smooth, dry-to-the-touch corrector may be your new best friend.

Attention: melasma and chloasma sufferers. Take it from another, this is really very good. It’s a peach corrector (as are all the most effective melasma camouflages) but unlike the others, it spreads thinly and smoothly without caking and blotching as the day wears on. It’s a solid silicone-based stick of swirly peach and pure orange to glide over dark patches before foundation or other base (this is essential to avoid an orange-tinged complexion – don’t attempt to wear this on its own). To manage your expectations, I should say that this is not a concealer – it doesn’t uniformly cover melasma any more than another colour corrector, but what it does do brilliantly is bridge and neutralise the disparity between light and dark tones, blurring the starkness of their outline, giving a medium or full coverage foundation more of a fighting change thereafter. It’s designed to be swept on like a stick deodorant, and that is certainly an option, but I prefer it applied with a foundation brush confined to my forehead and temples. This method allows you to make the most of the marbled effect which, though seemingly gimmicky at first, is actually rather handy, in that it allows you to cover very dark patches separately with the darker tones of the corrector and a smaller brush. The beauty of it is that unlike the peach correctors I normally rely on (Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach, for example), this is so thin that it needs practically no blending, and is so dry to the touch that it settles immediately on the skin and stays there. The silicone formula gives it the usual blurring primer effect and though I can’t claim this is of particular use to me (my melasma happens to be in places where blurring is pretty redundant), those with both brown circles and fine lines under their eyes may really appreciate it. The packaging makes it brilliant for travel (no spills, no sponges) and while the tone isn’t dark enough for the darkest end of the skintone spectrum (try Becca corrector instead), it does cater for at least two thirds of it. I’m not saying I can be bothered with it on a daily basis, but for evenings out and public events where I’ve wanted my skin to look flawless, I’ve popped this on over primer, under foundation and concealer, and seen a significant improvement in evenness. I haven’t used any other melasma corrector in weeks.

Marc Jacobs Covert Stick Color Corrector, £28

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