Ask The NYC Derm Part One

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  • Kathryn Jordan

    Brilliant! I love how concise and unequivocal he is with his advice. I really enjoyed this, can’t wait for part 2.

  • Judith Lawless

    Thanks for this interview; it was really helpful, especially re micro needling and fraxel.

  • Bev

    Great video

  • Fiona

    Loved this. So much I didn’t know, can’t wait for part two.

  • Alanna Morrow

    Hi Sally, He mentioned a spray for the face post wash to assist in breaking down calcium in water. Is that the toner in his skincare line?

  • jane fulcher

    So interesting and easy to understand,I am now going to research if I have hard water, looking forward to part two

  • Rachel

    I loved his clear, concise responses. My child and I react very badly to the hard water in London — especially hair and scalp — and rinsing with distilled water does not help enough. I am getting a water softener installed and disappointed to hear that won’t do the trick. I would love to hear about the best solutions.

  • Rebecca Strauss

    I loved this video! Dr. Gross’ answers were direct, honest and concise. It was interesting how he didn’t believe micro needling was effective. It has been such a popular procedure in the beauty industry. Wonderful video, Sali!

  • Megan

    What *does* help psoriasis?!

  • Kay Chalmers

    Fantastic video Sali. I learned so much from his answers. I was afraid to try micro needling I won’t bother. I love his whole approach to skin and keeping it in balance. Thank you.

  • Lea

    Hi Sali,
    Reading about Evian Brumisateur in “Pretty Iconic” I was a little hurt -was it because I am French?!- and your writing “…an almost unnecessary laughably product….”Except if you listen to the specialist you interviewed, “…the relatively free resource “-namely water- isn’t so free of polluted elements….so the “brumisateur” got a little more credit in my eyes (it had sort of lost its “raison d’être” when I read your article”) Yeah, there ‘s still pollution caused by the empty aluminium bottle….it’s true of any packaging…A vicious circle…

  • Lea

    Hi again Sali, wanted to tell you I like your work and personality.
    Great idea this video with an expert dermatologist.

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